Is EZ Money Team A Scam Or A Hidden Gem?

I'm going to dive into this program right in front of your eyes so that you can see if Ez Money Team is a scam or if it's actually a hidden gem that you should buy.

EZ Money Team Review

Name: EZ Money Team


Price: $49

​Owner: Jeffrey Hart (probably an alias)

​Overall Score: 20 out of 100

Summary: EZ Money Team is a training platform that teaches people how to earn commissions by promoting online opportunities. It is essentially affiliate marketing but the training is a bit thin and the programs they want you to promote are not upstanding. I love the idea of affiliate marketing but I don't like the way this program goes about it.   

Is EZ Money Team A Scam?

This is probably the question that most of you want answered first so I won’t beat around the bush.

In short, no EZ Money Team is not a scam.

It’s not impossible to make money from the lessons they provide you, it’s just that they’re very misleading and they charge way too much for what they offer, especially when you take the up sells into consideration.


What Is EZ Money Team?

Most of you are probably reading my review because you want to figure out if EZ Money Team is worth buying or not.

It’s pretty hard to decide if it’s worth buying based solely on the introduction videos because they don’t tell you what it is that you’ll be doing to make the BIG money that they claim you’l be able to make.

In order to figure out what’s inside this program and how you’ll be earning money from it you need to actually buy the course.

I’ve bought the course myself and I’ll show you exactly what’s inside so that you don’t have to take the risk. Below is my proof of purchase.




Basically this course teaches beginners how to make commissions by promoting other online products.

This is simply a form of affiliate marketing which is in fact, a great way to make money online.

I highly recommend affiliate marketing to all beginners as a way to get started making money online but I would encourage you to learn it from a more reputable training platform like my #1 ranked program instead of Ez Money Team.


Red Flags

Below are some of the red flags that were raised that made me dislike this course right off the bat…….

Huge Earning Claims – The introduction video is full of huge earning claims that I know cannot be backed up. Anytime someone is telling you that you’ll get rich quickly you can pretty much call them a liar because there is just no way.

Piles Of Cash – They show a whole bunch of piles of cash throughout the sales video. I hate when programs do this because it’s just sleazy and no legitimate program does this.

Flaunting A Lavish Lifestyle – They talk a lot about the lavish lifestyle that you’ll be able to afford if you join this program. This bugs me because it tugs at the heartstrings of people.

Of course we all want a better lifestyle but dangling it like that in our faces is just off putting to me.

Fake Testimonials – They use fake testimonials which is a major red flag and I have proof. Below is a screenshot that I took from one of their promotional videos.

The people in these photos are supposedly folks that have had success with EZ Money Team but they looked suspicious to me so I did a quick search and got some proof that they’re fakes.

The lady on the bottom right with the kids is definitely a fake and you can see below that I found this exact photo on Getty Images which is a stock photo website.

Then below that photo you’ll see the screen shot I took of the bald guy on the bottom left from





And below is the bald guy on the bottom left. He’s offering to do testimonials on Fiverr.




Knowing that they’re willing to use fake testimonials means that they are not only willing to lie in order to get your money but they’re also not able to get real testimonials.

Do you really want to put your trust and money into a program is is outright lying to you? I sure wouldn’t and I can already predict that I’ll be asking for a refund soon after finishing this review.


The Members Area

The members area is made up of 12 steps that are broken down into 4 modules. I’ll go through all the modules for you so you can see what they consist of.

Here’s a screenshot of the modules.



They also provide you with a coach that you can contact via phone if you need help or have any questions. This is a nice touch because it makes it seem like you have a support system.

The coach that I was assigned is Steve Jackson.


Now I’m not sure if Steve Jackson is the coach for every member or if each member is assigned a different coach. I’m not even sure if Steve Jackson is a real person or an alias but regardless, I’ll probably give him a call to see if he’s actually helpful.


Module 1 – Getting Started

This module consists of 2 steps. The first step is just a welcome video and the second step is a video telling me to get a gmail account.

All in all this module was pretty useless. I don’t see why they need an entire video just to explain that I should get a Gmail account.


Module 2 – Get Your Business Assets

This module consists of steps 3 through 6 and they’re all videos.

Step 3 – Get Your EZ Money Team Cash Site: This is a 4 minute video telling us how to get our website. Below the video they give us a link to a third party website called Cool Handle where you can buy a domain and hosting.

The link they give you is definitely an affiliate link so they’ll make a commission off of you if you do end up purchasing the hosting through their link.


So as you can see it’s $285.84 if you purchase the 36 month billing cycle and it’s even more per month if you choose the 24 month or 12 month billing cycle.

Then the guy in the video explains to us why this is such a great deal and that you’ll make $120 on your first day so don’t worry about the cost.

This is total BS and he is really misleading people into spending more money for his gain.


Step 4 – Get Your Cash Account: This step is a video telling us to get a Clicksure account. I’ve actually written a review on Clicksure and you can read it if you want to learn more.

If you don’t want to read my complete Clicksure review then I’ll just give you a breakdown of it.

They are an affiliate network that has a whole bunch of programs that people/websites can promote for commissions.

On the surface they’re similar to other affiliate networks like JVZoo or Clickbank but in reality they are much worse.

The reason I say that Clicksure is worse is because most of the programs they have are scams.  Like very bad scams.

So I can already see that EZ Money Team is going to try to get me to promote scam products on my website. This is not cool. I don’t want to rip people off for my own gain.


Step 5 – Get Your EZ Money Team Link: This is a 7 minute video basically showing us how to set up your affiliate link on Clicksure.

Pretty basic stuff.


Step 6 – Install EZ Money Team Link/Create Site: This is a 6 minute video that shows us how to set up your website with your affiliate link.

It’s pretty easy stuff and he shows us each step over the shoulder so this really is newbie friendly.

When I say “Your Own Website”, I don’t mean a website that you can customize or blog about stuff. It’s not that kind of website.

It’s just one of those squeeze pages that has an offer on it. If people click on the offer and buy a product then you’ll make a commission.

So in the next module he’ll show us how to drive traffic to this website.


Module 3 – Traffic and Sales

This module consists of steps 7 through 10 and again, they’re all videos.

Step 7 – Solo Ads Explained: This is a short 2 minute video just explaining what solo ads are. Basically a solo ad is when you pay someone who has a large email list to send your website link to their list.

Solo ads can be effective depending on the list but from my experience it just brings some crappy traffic that isn’t targeted at all.


Step 8 – Buy A Solo Ad: This is a 6 minute video where he tells us about Udimi which is a website that you can buy solo ads from.

He assures us that Udimi is reliable and provides great traffic but it can be expensive.

What he fails to tell us is that Udimi has it’s own referral program where you can earn 15% on all orders your referrals place. So here’s another way EZ Money Team is making money off of us.

I’m starting to wonder if this program is really meant to help us make money online or just a sneaky way for them to squeeze as much money out of us as possible.


Step 9 – Make Your Facebook Post: This is a 4 minute video showing us how to get some leads from your own Facebook.

Basically he tells us to as our Facebook friends if they want to learn how to make extra money online. Then when someone replies you just send them the link to your website.

The problem with this is that you’ll be sending your friends to scam programs. This is just terrible in my opinion and a quick way to lose friends.


Step 10 – More Facebook Strategies: This is a 3 minute video showing us some more tips for getting leads from Facebook.

This step is a total joke. Instead of giving us some actual tips on generating traffic from Facebook he just tells us to click a link for a different program called Facebook Cash Code.

This is hilarious because I actually just wrote a review on Facebook cash code and I really didn’t like it. You can read it here if you want.

This program he’s referring us to is pretty bad. I scored it 50 out of 100 so you really should avoid it.

I’m starting to wonder if this guy even cares about helping people make money online or if he’s just trying to squeeze as much money out of us as he can.

I’ve officially lost all respect for this EZ Money Team.


Module 4 – Make More Money

This is a pretty useless module to say the least. It consists of steps 11 and 12.

Step 11 – Avoid Scams: I’m not sure why he put this in here at all. It’s not a video but just a few tips on how to avoid online scams.

I find this very ironic and hypocritical because he’s teaching us how to make money by referring other people to scams yet he’s telling us how we can avoid scams.


Step 12 – Learning How To Build A List Of Subscribers: This is a 4 minute video of him referring us to a program that supposedly helps us build a list.

The program he’s referring us to is called 12 Minute Payday. I’ve actually written a review on 12 Minute Payday as well, check it out here if you want.  I gave it a score of 30 out of 100.

It’s basically a scam and yet another way for EZ Money Team to make a commission off of us.

Don’t do it, it’s a waste of time and money.


Module 5 – Help

This is simply the help section of the course. All it does is give us a link to the help section for Udimi and Clicksure so instead of helping out the members, EZ Money Team is just sending us elsewhere to get help. Pretty lazy.


Final Thougts

So that’s the entire course. Pretty pathetic isn’t it? It just kept on getting worse and worse as it went on.

One last thing I wanted to show you is the weird link that is on every page of the members area. Here’s what it looks like.


So this link is just below all the training and if you click it you’ll be brought to a sales page for another “Make money online” program that I can only assume is total crap based on this program.

It’s really just shameless what these people are willing to do for money. You’re much better off just going out and getting a hobby.

As much as I hate this program I can’t quite call it a scam. Sure it’s misleading and the owners are trying to squeeze as much money out of you as possible but there is a slight potential to actually make some money with this.

If you want to give it a try you might be able to make some sales but I highly doubt it would last very long if you make anything at all.

It’s not showing you how to build a real online business at all. Just a way to dupe a few people and profit from other people’s losses.

Not a nice way to make money in my opinion. I just couldn’t feel good about something like this.

Here’s my overall ratings…..

EZ Money Team Ratings
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential




If you’d like to learn about some legitimate ways to make money from affiliate marketing then I can help with that.

I own a few niche websites that make money from affiliate sales. I started doing it about 2 years ago and I had zero experience when I started so I can promise you that it’s beginner friendly.

You can learn about how I got started and how you can do the same right here. It’s not a get rich quick scheme but it has the potential to make you a lot of money if you work hard.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you found this review to be helpful.

If you have any questions or comments please use the box below and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP.



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