Is Copy Paste Commissions A Scam? The Best Review By Far

Is Copy Paste Commissions a scam? Well let's find out together. I'm going to sign up for this most recent program by Michael Cheney and you can follow along with me as I try it out.  

Copy Paste Commissions Review

Name: Copy Paste Commissions


Owners: Michael Cheney & Omar Martin

Price: $19.95 + Upsells

Who It's For: Anyone Looking To Make Money​

Score: 57 out of 100


According to the sales page this is a new take on affiliate marketing that will show you how to make huge commissions easily and without any experience. The problem is that this is basically a regurgitated version of some older programs that Michael created. For proper affiliate marketing you'd be far better off trying my top recommendation instead. 

A Brief Overview

Once you finally get through all of the upsells and extra offers you will gain access to an ebook, 2 audio files and 2 videos that consist of some decent affiliate marketing training.

They give you a lot of information about leveraging Facebook to get free traffic to your website. I did learn a few things of value here and I thought they had some very clever ideas.

In addition to using Facebook to get traffic they show you some techniques for building your email list and getting sales from your email list.

All in all there is some good information here that could help some affiliate marketers make more money but it’s not a complete training course and it certainly is not great for beginners like they said it was.

Unless you already have a website and know a little bit about affiliate marketing this course will be useless to you. I don’t consider this a scam, just not that great.

For a program that covers way more information and caters to beginners and experienced marketers alike you should have a look at my top recommendation instead.


The Sales Video

This video is full of scare tactics trying to tell us that the affiliate marketing industry has become almost impossible to succeed in using old techniques.

They make it seem like they’ve got the answers to all your problems if you’re struggling to make money with affiliate marketing.


The two voices in the video are supposedly Michael Cheney and Omar Martin.

They start off with a little banter where Omar tries to tell Michael that nobody cares what some old British dude has to say.

Then they start telling us together, that affiliate marketing has changed and that we need their help to prevent getting left behind.

So it’s obvious that this program is geared towards people who are already involved in affiliate marketing but are struggling to make as much money as they desire.

Here’s a few screenshots of some of the things they promise us if we buy this program.





So after watching the sales video I’m actually quite intrigued. Usually I can tell that a program is a phony or a scam just buy watching the sales video but this one is different.

They aren’t promising millions of dollars or overnight success.

They’re simply telling us that they have a strategy that can speed up our path to profits with our online business.

I’m pretty impressed with the video so I’m going to buy this program and I’ll let you follow me inside so that you can see for yourself if it lives up to the video.

Besides, it’s only $19.95.


After Buying

So I bought the program after watching the video and below is a screenshot of my receipt.


So all I have to do is click that link to access the product but before I get into it, I want to tell you about the upsell.

As soon as my payment went through I was taken to a new page with an upsell called Top Commissions Premium Tool Kit.



If you’ve read any of my other reviews you probably already know that I don’t like upsells. It’s not that upsells automatically mean that a program is a scam but they just don’t feel right.

I just would feel so much better about it if they told us about all the potential upsells before we bought the product so that we don’t get slapped with it right after we’ve just spent money.

Here’s a few screenshots of what’s included in the upsell.








So $27 isn’t too bad as I’ve seen upsells up in the thousands before. This isn’t a hard pill to swallow so I might buy this one just to see what it’s like.

Before I decide for sure whether I’ll buy it or not I’m going to get into the initial program first and see what it’s all about.

I was emailed my login information to access the program so I logged in and browsed around.

Upon signing in the first thing you see is a video and then below the video are steps 1-3.



So as you can see the first step said that the first thing I should do is watch the video above, so I did.

I was very surprised to see that this video was over an hour long. So I settled in and watched it.


Step 1 – The Video

Holy crap was that ever a long and boring video. It had some very good information in it but I can honestly say that after all the products I’ve reviewed that was the longest video I’ve ever had to sit through.

It starts off with Michael Cheney sitting in his kitchen telling us to be ready to learn.

He tells us that we’ll be able to get lots of free targeted traffic with his system which sounds great to me but I’m a little skeptical about that statement.

Then he reveals that we’ll use Facebook to get this free targeted traffic. He talks about why Facebook can be such a great traffic source and how we can use it

One tip that he gave us which stood out to me is about Facebook posts. He said that we should never put links in our Facebook posts which I didn’t know but he has a pretty good explanation for it.

Since Facebook wants people to stay on their site they don’t like to promote posts that link to outside websites. So therefore they’re more likely to promote posts that keep people there.

He reveals a couple ways to get links in your post without being too obvious about it. One of those tricks is to put the link in the comments section below.

Another trick is to put a space before the .com of the link and hope that people are smart enough to fix it and put it in the browser.

He tells us to try to post things that people will want to interact with such as controversial opinions.

He tells us a few techniques for getting followers.

Then he tells you that he has a secret way to get tons of huge commissions. He says hes been using this to make almost $1000 per day


He claims that he can’t teach us this because he’s still new to it but he can give us some training from another guy named Dean Holland who created this secret method.



He then tells us that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money but it has pitfalls.

Dean created a program called iPro.

He claims that iPro will show you how to make big commissions rather than a whole bunch of small commissions

He said that one simple part of this method are sales funnels.

After that he shows a whole bunch of testimonials from people who supposedly had success with this method.

So at this point I was confused. Did I just buy a program only to be told about a different program that I should buy?

Was I going to get any actual value from Copy Paste Commissions other than being told to buy something else?

I guess you’ll have to read on to find out.

The cost of iPro was a whopping $1997 so I decided to leave it alone for now and try to see if Copy Paste Commissions has any actual value on it’s own.


Step 2 – Join The Coolest Marketing Group Ever

This is a pretty simple step and is pretty straight forward. They just tell you to join their Facebook group. I joined it and had a look at the feed.



Kind of a cheesy looking page. It does have some activity but mostly from Omar himself.

Most of the posts from people other than Omar are people promoting their new affiliate program or people discussing topics relating to affiliate marketing.

I’m not sure if this step is actually helpful in any way or if it’s just a way to get more people in their Facebook group.


Step 3 – Begin Your CPC Core Training

Finally I’ve reached the actual training.

The training consists of a downloadable ebook, 2 MP3 audio files and 2 downloadable videos.

There’s a welcome video that tells us how to get started and it instructs me to read the ebook first, so I did.

The ebook actually has some interesting information in it about affiliate marketing. A lot of it was quite well thought out and accurate in my opinion.

There is quite a lot of information about how to get around the Facebook rules in order to drive free traffic from it. This is stuff that I didn’t know before so I saw some value in it for sure.

It goes over email marketing quite a bit as well. There is a lot about what times of day are best for sending out emails to your list which is cool but not tool helpful for people who don’t have a list yet.

They talk about a list building strategy that I don’t like at all…..

Basically they are saying that you should convince your subscribers to ask their family and friends to sign up as well.

This is just a waste of time in my opinion and most likely it will just result in your subscribers unsubscribing.

Even if some of them are able to convince their family or friends to sign up, those people aren’t necessarily interested in making money online so they aren’t targeted.


Audio Files

Next on the list is the audio files. There are 2 audio files with a combined 2 hours of information.



I was expecting some new information in these audio files but it turns out it’s just the same information that the ebook has.

So if you don’t want to read the ebook you can just listen to the audio files via Michael Cheney and Omar Martin’s voices.


Video Version

There are 2 videos that you can watch online or download to watch offline at your convenience. I was really hoping that there was some new information here but unfortunately it was more of the same.



Here you get to not only listen to Michael and Omar talk but you also get the privilege of seeing them. Literally the exact same information that you get in the ebook and the audio files.


Final Thoughts

I don’t absolutely hate this program because they did have some valuable information in it but there certainly were aspects of it that I hated.

I really didn’t like that they made the reader think that they could start earning money today with this system and I really hated the upsells.

The meat of the training was decent and you can tell that these guys do know what they’re talking about but I got the feeling that this whole program was just a ploy to get other people to promote Copy Paste Commissions.

One of they big points they make here is that you should focus on selling big ticket items in order to make bigger commissions.

This idea makes perfect sense but then in that same breath they try to sell you an upsell for $1997.

Once you buy the big ticket item they will show you how to promote CPC to others and try to make money for yourself from that same big ticket item.

I’ve never liked programs that convince you to sign up just so that you can then turn around and try to convince others to sign up.

That’s not a product in my opinion.

A product should show you how to set up your own online business and be self-sufficient with your own business after completing the training.

That type of training does exist and I’ve reviewed a few awesome programs that do it very well.

Here’s my final ratings…….

Is Copy Paste Commissions A Scam? The Best Review By Far
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential





So go ahead and try this program out if you want a few good tips on getting free Facebook traffic and some ideas for building your subscriber list.

You might think that it’s worth $19 but I personally think you’d be much better off with a more well rounded training program where you can learn all of the ins and outs of internet marketing.

Personally I think you’d be better off just going out and getting a hobby than trying this program. This program will occupy your time much like a hobby but it will be more expensive.

Here’s a list of some great hobbies that won’t break the bank.



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