Is Blogmutt A Scam? My Review And Definitive Guide

In this Blogmutt review I'll tell you if it is a scam, if it works, how much money you can make as a writer and whether it's worth your time or not.

Blogmutt Review​​​​​

Is Blogmutt A Scam

Name: Blogmutt


Founders: Scott Yates & Wade Green

Price: Free To Join(as a writer)

What Is Blogmutt?

Blogmutt is a website that helps freelance writers get hired and helps bloggers and businesses find writers to hire. 

Basically it connects writers with businesses in need of writers. 

It's a great idea and has the potential to be beneficial to both sides but there are some mixed reviews online so I've decided to look into this program to get the truth. 

Blogmutt Review

In this Blogmutt review I'll explain to you exactly how this program works and how you can use it in the most effective way. 

Just be aware that I'm reviewing Blogmutt from the perspective of a writer looking to make money as a freelancer. 

If you're looking for a review from the perspective of a business or a blog looking to hire writers, you should try this instead

Is Blogmutt A Scam?

Is Blogmutt a scam? I wanted to get this out of the way first. No it's not a scam at all. 

It's a legitimate program that connects bloggers and businesses with quality freelance writers in exchange for money. 

The main complaint I've read about is that people have written articles that have been requested by bloggers only to have the article turned down. 

This can happen and Blogmutt doesn't guarantee that your article will be purchased. 

If the blogger doesn't feel like your article is what they were looking for they have the right to turn it down, leaving you with no money for your work. 

The good news is that you can attempt to sell that article to someone else because until it's been purchased, you own the rights to the article. 

According to Blogmutt, about 90% of articles that are submitted end up getting sold eventually. 

So I could see how frustrating it would be if you worked hard on an article and got nothing in return.

With that being said I think as long as you're a decent writer and you research the project and follow the instructions you should have no problem selling it. 

How Does It Work?

It's actually very simple and that's one of the things they pride themselves on. 

There's no fluff or complicated sign up process. Here's how to get started. 

  • create a username and password
  • verify your account using a social media account
  • agree to the terms and service
  • take a short english test to prove you're a competent writer

After that you'll have to wait to see if you've been excepted which can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days. Usually less than a day. 

After you've been accepted it's pretty easy. 

You'll now be able to view all of the job openings that bloggers have posted. 

The jobs will have a pretty thorough description so you can peruse them and try to find one that's in your wheelhouse. 

Once you find a job that you want to take on you should start working on it right away because there might be other writers competing for that same job. 

This makes it a little unnerving because you never know how many other writers will submit an article to that blogger. 

Your best chance at selling your work is to get the work in quickly and hope that it's the first one the blogger sees. 

You can also search for businesses based on their industry so that you're more likely to find jobs that you're knowledgeable about. 

Because if you know nothing about cars, you probably shouldn't try to write and article in that field. 

Once you've submitted the article to the blogger it goes in their queue and you wait for a response. 

They'll either accept it, deny it or ask for revisions. 

If they ask for revisions you'll want to make those changes as fast as you can as not to risk them changing their minds. 

If they accept it you can get paid right away. 

How Much Does Blogmutt Pay?

How much does blogmutt pay? Well that depends on how many articles you've written, submitted, had accepted and the ratings you've received.  

When you first start out you'll only have access to shorter article from 250-350 words so those ones are the lowest paying jobs. 

For those ones you'll get paid $8 US. 

All writers have a rating based on how your articles are rated by bloggers that have bought them so when you first start out you'll have no rating or a very low rating. 

As you write more articles you'll get more ratings and hopefully high ratings which will then allow you to access the higher paying articles. 

Of course the higher paying articles are also going to be longer. Here's the Blogmutt Payscale. 

250-350 Words: $8

600 Words: $19

900 Words: $40

1200 Words: $72

So you're probably trying to figure out how fast you can pump out decent articles in order to make this profitable and worthwhile. 

I've thought about this a lot and here's what I think

Personally I can write 250-350 words in 15-20 minutes as long as it's a topic that I know really well or have some level of interest in. 

Let's say you work 9AM-5PM and set aside a little bit of time for research(5 minutes for each article) you take a 30 minute lunch break and a 15 minute coffee break.

So with the 5 minutes of research each article actually takes 25 minutes. 

So then you can do 2.4 articles per hour not including breaks. 

Multiply that by 7 and you can write 16.8 articles in a day of work. 

Since only 90% of articles get purchased, that leaves you with 15.12 articles that you're actually making money from.

This works out to $120.96 per day on average and $15.12 per hour

That's not too bad especially when compared to some sites like Fiverr or Freelancer. 

But that wouldn't be easy. 

I personally think I would go crazy after a week of pumping out that many articles per day over and over again. 

Then of course there's the fact that you can eventually start making more money with the higher paying articles but I would be a little concerned about the risk factor.

Because if you write a really long article and then it gets rejected you'd have wasted a lot of time as compared to the shorter articles. 

So that's something to consider for sure. 

The money here is OK and at least you can rest assured that Blogmutt is reputable and always pays on time. 

The money goes straight into your Paypal account and you can cash out at any time. 

What Are The Requirements?

To qualify as a writer is actually quite simple but there are a few things that are a must. 

You must be from and still live in the USA. 

You must have an internet connection and a computer. 

Last but not least, you must have excellent grammar and have sufficient writing skills. 

Final Thoughts

Is Blogmutt a scam? No it's not a scam in any shape or form. It's a very legitimate program that could be a good way to make extra money from home. 

With that being said, you'd have to really be a writing machine to make a full time living from this. 

If you don't mind writing non stop all day long with very few breaks you could make an OK living from this. 

I would guess that most people who attempt to do this eventually burn out and have to slow down or quit because it's just too much. 

If you have decent writing skills then I'd suggest going a different route to make money from your writing. 

There's a way you can write articles and instead of only profiting from them once you can make money from those articles over and over again. 

If this is something you'd like to learn more about just go here and you can learn everything you need to know. 

Thanks very much for stopping by today. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to use the box below and I'll be sure to respond ASAP. 




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