Is AW Surveys Legit ? It’s Crazy What I Discovered

My first impression of AW Surveys is that it's a legitimate paid survey website. Then I discovered this shocking little detail that you'll want to know before you join.

AW Surveys

Name: A.W. Surveys


Owner: Adam Acclarn

Price: Free to join + $25 Hidden Cost

Score: 46 out of 100


What Is It?

Is A.W. Surveys legit? I would have to say that it’s pretty low quality, saying it’s a scam might be a little harsh but it surely is not legit.

A.W. Surveys is a paid survey company that actually markets itself to not only regular businesses but also websites too. So you might be reading this review as a person looking to make some extra cash online or a person looking for feedback on your business.

Either way I’ll give you the goods.

aw surveys 4

If you’re trying to make money online you’ve probably come across a lot of paid survey sites. They are truly everywhere and I’ve tried quite a few of them.

They are popular because you don’t need any special skills to earn money from them. You just need to be willing to sit down and answer some really boring questions.

In exchange for answering the really boring questions, A.W. Surveys will give you cash.

aw surveys 3


So as you can see in the image above, the membership is free to join. This has actually caused a lot of uproar online because this is very misleading. Let me explain.

Once you sign up to start taking surveys you will have a login name and password and you will be ready to start taking surveys. They will email the links to surveys to you and you can then complete them.

Each survey is worth a different amount of money. One big annoyance is that the payout threshold is very high at $75. I’m not sure how long it would take to hit $75 but I imagine this would take months. Not only that, but once you’ve made $25, they just take it away from you.

Yes that’s right, you’ve worked your butt off to earn $25 and then it just dissapears. That’s because they deduct that amount from you for fees and services. This no doubt has pissed a lot of people off over the years.

I can only assume that most people would just quit this website after that. So think about it this way. Businesses are paying people to take these surveys and then A.W. Surveys takes that money instead of paying the survey takers.

That is pretty much a scam. The only reason why it’s not a full blown scam is because when you sign up for it they tell you this in the terms & service section in very small print. Of course nobody reads those things so it goes un-noticed.


aw surveys 2


Dedicated survey takers?? More like annoyed survey takers. So there is more to this, they do have a referral system which might sound tempting to some people, let’s have a look.


Referral System

The referral system will probably draw a lot more attention than the surveys themselves because it actually seems like a better way to make money.

You can earn $1.25 for every person you refer. It actually might be pretty easy to convince someone to join something that’s free especially if you tell them they can make money from it.

If you have a lot of twitter followers or facebook friends you could send out your referral link and maybe make some money right away.

The problem with that though is that this is a total crap survey site so after you refer people they will most likely be upset with you for directing them to it.

Then you will have to explain to them all why you sent them there. Or if you have a website with traffic already and you send people there from your website then you will lose the trust of your readers quickly. Not a good idea.


Is It Worth It?

After careful research it’s pretty clear that it’s just not worth it. Asside from what I’ve already told you about, there are also a lot of complaints around the internet about people not getting paid.

So there are tons of people saying that even when they FINALLY hit the $75 threshold the company just never paid them. This is just terrible and inexcusable.

So would you really be willing to sit through hours and hours of surveys only to get your first $25 taken away and then when you finally reach the $75 threshold you might not even get paid at all? No thanks.

This site is a total joke and I really hope you take my advice and stay far away from it. There are some decent survey websites out there but even the best ones are a lot of time for very little money.

Star Rating
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What Now?

If you are serious about making money online and you’re willing to put in some time and effort then your best bet would be to get into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically selling other peoples stuff and getting a commission from it. This a great way to earn money because you don’t need to handle or ship any items, you just refer people to the websites that sell stuff.

Of course to do this you would need a website, but there is a great training program that gives you 2 free websites for free and teaches you how to set up a website to make affiliate sales.

This website is called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s the best place to learn how to do all of this. The reason I like it so much is because it will show you step-by-step how to make money online and you don’t even have to pay to join.

I wrote a full review of this program and if you’re interested you should check it out. My review is based on my personal experience and it tells you all about how I went from a complete beginner to a full-time internet marketer within a couple of months.

Thanks for stopping by tody and I hope to see you again. If you have any feedback or comments please use the box below and I’ll be sure to respond asap.



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