Is Auto Profit Replicator A Scam ? My Review

Name: Auto Profit Replicator auto profit replicator 7


Owner: Simon Saunders

Price: Free To Join

Overall Rank: 2 out of 100



This is just another binary options program. So what are binary options?  And is auto profit replicator a scam ? Well to be straight with you, YES it is a scam. I’ll explain why right after I give you a quick rundown on binary options as a whole.

Binary options are short term stocks. So what that means is that you can invest money with a broker and then try to guess whether a specific stocks value will go up or down within the next minute.

If you guess correctly, you get your money back plus some additional money but if you guess wrong, you lose all of your money. So it’s pretty much just a coin toss. You might as well just head down to the closest casino and try your luck at the roulette table because your chances are about the same.

Binary options have become a very common way for internet scammers to seperate people from their hard earned money. They all pretty much say the same thing;

“We’ve come up with a software that can accurately predict the outcome of stocks, taking out all the risk and guaranteeing you huge profits”. 

Lies, lies, lies. There is no software that can do this and no matter how convincing a website or promo video is, don’t believe it, run away fast.

My Recommendation: Don’t ever consider any type of binary options as a sustainable way to make a living. You might get lucky and win once but in the end you’ll always lose overall. For an actual sustainable way to make money online you should have a look at my top recommendation.


The Promo Video

 The promo video isn’t all that different than many other binary options scam promos I’ve seen. They really emphasize the fact that you can make huge money very easily.

They tempt you with screenshots of nice cars, mansions and large bank account balances. This is the oldest trick in the book and unfortunately it is effective.


auto profit replicator 2


auto replicator 4


auto profit replicator 1


auto profit replicator 6


I’m not surpsrised that these tactics work because I’ve been fooled myself by these fake screenshots. When you get behind on your bills and you have a family to support it can get really desperate and these types of promos can give you hope. I’ve been there.

But that sad thing is that all it does is take advantage of people who are going through tough times. It alters pictures and screenshots in order to give people a false sense of hope and then they bye into it on good faith.

This so-called Simon Saunders guy never even shows his face. I would bet you any money that he is a made up person. The real creater of this program would never show his face or use his real name because he’s a scammer and a crook.


How Can I Be Sure It’s A Scam?

 First of all he claims that only a few trusted associates of his can offer the link to this “opportunity”. I know that’s a straight up lie because I found this affiliate program on clickbank and anyone can access it and use it for a whopping $250 per sign up.

Here’s another blatant lie……

auto profit replicator 5


This warning says that the doors close today. This is a really easy one to prove by just returning the next day to see if it’s still there. I of course did this and surprise surprise, it still says that. LOL.

The next lie is very very exposing. They have a guy doing a video testimonial in the promo video. He rants and raves about Auto Profit Replicator and tells us how much money he’s made from it. Have a look at these photos.


a test


a test 2


So the first one is a screenshot of his testimonial video on the Auto Profit Replicator website and the second one is his add on saying that he will do testimonials for money.

If this isn’t enough to convince you how dishonest this program is then nothing will be. It’s actually sickening to know that there are so many people out there scamming people like this. Shame on them.


How Does It Work?

Well as you already know, it doesn’t work but I’ll explain how it(supposidly) works.

So this “software” that Simon keeps talking about is meant to be able to make the winning trades. He claims that they’ve developed a technology that can beat the system and make you rich.

Instead of actually beating the system, all the “technology” really does is make random trades. Your chances are no better or worse than if you were to blindly make your own trades.

They do however tell you that the software gets it wrong once in a while but is correct the majority of the time. This is just a way for them to seem legitimate so that people don’t think it’s too good to be true.

A lot of people end up giving it a try because of the fact that they are giving this “technology” away for free. This makes people think that they have nothing to lose. But it’s a mirage.

Once you get the “Free Technology” he then directs you to the broker. He tells you that this will only work if you go to the brokers that he recommends. But the truth is that he only sends you to certain brokers because that’s where he makes his commission.

So once you get to the broker you’ve got it in your head that this is a legitimate system and that you’re about to get rich. So when the broker tells you that it’s a $250 minimum deposit you have no problem forking that over because it’s peanuts compared to what you’ll be making once you start trading with the software.

My Verdict: Scam

So this whole charade is just a way for THEM to get rich and the rest of us to LOSE MONEY.

Now What?

 Well if you’re still interested in making money online then the first thing you need to do is stay the heck away from any binary options.

The second thing you need to do is decide what field you will make your money in, and then get some formal training in that field. Internet marketing is a big and complex world but there are some very high quality and affordable training programs that will get you on the right path.

My #1 Ranked Product is an amazing learning platform that can help you start building an online business today and it’s free to join. You can literally start learning within 2 minutes from now.

If you have any questions or comments for me please don’t hesitate to use the box below to contact me. I’m always around and I’ll respond ASAP.



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Is Auto Profit Replicator A Scam ? My Review
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