Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Or Do You Need To Be Savvy?

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Is affiliate marketing for beginners? I get that question all the time and the people asking me are always really curious about it because there are a lot benefits to running a home based internet business.

So many people are looking for ways to make extra money from home. There are hundreds of different reasons why people want to be able to make money from home and whatever the reason is, the answer is always the same;

Beginners can EASILY learn how to make money from home. It’s true, anyone with an internet connection and the will to succeed can make a full-time living from a home based internet business.

This doesn’t have to take years of hard work, if you get the right training you can start to see an income after just 2 or 3 months.


How Would I make Money From The Internet?

The way I make a full-time income from the internet is through affiliate marketing and that’s exactly what you can do too.

Now for you to actually make a go of it online you need to get the right training. You may have already been scammed online from people telling you they have the secret to making millions of dollars online or that you can make 6 figures in 2 weeks.

What I’m talking about isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s a legitimate business opportunity. You will need to put in some work and you will need to have a thick skin because it is very easy to quit and quitting will enter your mind at some point, the key is to push on and stick with it.

To make money from affiliate marketing you will first need a website. The topic of your website will be completely up to you as there are millions of things you could make a website about and profit.

The key is to find a topic that is a niche.

Niche websites work really well because generally they have far less competition so it’s easier to make money from them. To learn more about niche websites you should read my post How To Choose A Niche For A Website.

Once you’ve chosen your niche you’re all ready to start adding content, generating traffic and finally generating income.


 Where Do I Get The Training?

You’ll come across all sorts of different websites claiming to teach you how to make thousands or millions of dollars with an affiliate website. The problem is that most of them are either lacking quality training or else they’re a complete scam.

I know it sounds cliche, but I can direct you to the absolute best training program for affiliate marketing on the internet. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

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The biggest difference between Wealthy Affiliate and other programs trying to teach you how to make money online is the community.

Wealthy Affiliate has an enormous community of tens of thousands of members who are not only making money from affiliate marketing websites, but they also learned everything they know from the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

As soon as you start to interact with the community you will see right away that it’s a really special place. All of the members there are really happy to be apart of the community and most of them are now doing affiliate marketing full-time thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

Isn’t The Competition Crazy??

When people first hear about the affiliate marketing opportunity they always think about how competitive it must be. They always assume that it’s flooded with websites trying to make money so it’s not worth trying to get into.

“This is so very wrong”

This is wrong. Before you think that the competition is too high to get into affiliate marketing you need the think about this. There are over 2 billion people on the internet every single day. A lot of those 2 billion people are shopping.

That is your market, people online, shopping. So let’s say you have a real passion for fishing. You don’t want to start a website with a general topic like “fishing” because then you would have to compete with all the biggest companies who have been online for a long time. You have no chance in getting ranked higher than them.

However you can narrow down your niche and that will give you a better chance of getting ranked. So let’s just pretend you’re from Montana and you love fishing.

You could then start a website that is about fishing for lake trout in Montana. That would narrow it down to the point where there isn’t much competition.

Then over time you would get a good following from all the fishermen in Montana and also the tourists looking to go to Montana to fish.

How Do I Make Money?

Pretty much any niche or topic you can come up with can be profitable. Let’s take the example I used before about fishing for lake trout in Montana.

With that niche you could talk about what type of tacle you should use. Then you could link to a website that sells that tackle and if someone buys something, you get a commission.

Or even better yet, you could talk about different rod’s and wreel’s and if someone buys one after clicking your link, you would get a big commission because those tend to be expensive items.

So it doesn’t really matter what niche you choose, there is always something you can sell within your niche. That’s why competition isn’t a factor. There will always be people looking to shop online and you just need to find your niche to sell to them.


Beginners???? No Way

So to conclude this article, I want to reiterate that you do not need to have any experience to become successful in the affiliate marketing industry. You only need work ethic, dedication and the training of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to know exactly how I got started making money from affiliate marketing you can read my bio or else you can sign up for my Free 6 Day Guide To Making Money Online.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you find your path to online success.



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