Is 12 Minute Payday A Scam? A Review and A Warning!

Name: 12 Minute Payday12 minute 2


Price: $47

Owner: Justin James

Overall Rank: 30 out of 100



What Is It?

It’s really important for you to read this 12 Minute Payday review before you decide to sign up for it. The promotional video is very well done and they really do a great job of hyping up this product, but is it all for real? Is 12 Minute Payday a scam?

So if you’ve already sat through the entire promotional video for this product then I’m sure you are somewhat confused as to how this system makes money.

The video constantly talks about tapping into “revenue streams” and making huge pay checks. In fact that’s just about all he talks about.

The guy talking throughout the video is Justin James, supposedly. He claims that he’s made so much money from this system that he is now on a mission to just help other people make money from it as well.

He even goes as far as to make you a bet. He bets that if you join this system and you don’t start making money within 12 minutes, he will pay you $2000.

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This really makes me wonder how he plans on making those payments of $2000 because I’ve read reviews of other people who tried it and didn’t make any money. So this bet is obviously a false claim.

So he says he will let you join this system for FREE. This is interesting because later in the video he says that once you sign up for free you just need to pay a $47 fee to tap into the revenue streams. So much for being free.

He constantly bashes other ways of making money online like owning a website or blogging, he repeatedly makes reference to how easy this money is in comparison.

I’m not going to lie, he’s pretty convincing. He shows pictures of fancy cars and people on holiday or people holding stacks of cash.

12 minute 4


The entire time he’s showing this stuff he doesn’t even make any mention as to how you will be making money.

Finally he starts talking about affiliates. So I’m assuming now that the money will be made through affiliate marketing. This was actually a positive thing to hear because that’s actually how I make my living.

I own and operate a fitness website and so I basically make commission by selling other people’s products through amazon. So when I heard this I was quite interested.

My ears perked up and I thought for a moment that this might be a legitimate way to make a living online.  Unfortunately that was the last thing I heard that had a hint of potential.


How Does it Work?

So I really had to dig deep to figure out how this works or “works”. Here’s what I discovered.

They get the members set up with a website on a sub domain. It’s basically a cookie-cutter website. A sub domain is a way they can get you set up without paying for hosting or a domain just like they promise. This could be alright.

The thing about sub domain websites is that the don’t get ranked in google. That means that to get traffic to the site you will need to pay for it. So again, this will cost YOU money, they won’t be paying for your traffic. That’s not too bad if the return on investment is good though.

So it’s your job to get traffic sent to your website but they will train you how to do this. Once you get the traffic to your site, the goal is to get them to click one of your affiliate links or ads and then buy something. If they buy something, you get a commission.

They are pretty vague about what it is you will be trying to sell but it seems like you’ll be selling products very similar to 12 Minute Payday and probably even selling that product as well.

Could This Work?

In theory, yes this could work. I believe it’s very unlikely to work because it’s not easy to convince people to buy a product after you’ve sent them to a crappy, spammy website and then tried to sell them a product that seems a little sketchy itself.

Since your paying for your own traffic, there is a risk that you could actually lose money. The other sketchy thing is that you will constanly be trying to get people to buy crap products that you know nothing about. Not exactly something to be proud of is it?

He also really emphasizes the fact that this is easy money and that’s a huge red flag. Any time someone tells you that you can make easy money online you should be very cautious of them. There just is no such thing as easy money.

Final Thoughts

I really can’t recommend this product for anyone. It is not proven, it is full of crazy promises that just cannot be delivered. It has just about every red flag that all the scams online have.

I’m not going to say that this is a full blown scam because affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living online but I just think the 12 Minute Payday is trying to go about it all wrong.


If you really are interested in finding a way to make a living online, there are very legitimate ways of accomplishing that. The catch is that any method you can actually make a stable income from will require a lot of work.

There is no easy money and don’t ever trust someone who tells you otherwise. I personally believe that the best way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. There are many different ways of doing that and I’ve reviewed a few of them on this website as well.

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Is 12 Minute Payday A Scam? A Review and A Warning!
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