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Today I’m going to give my take on a product called InstamateThere are a lot of people making money off social media and Instamate promises to show you one specific way to accomplish just that.

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Name: Instamate


Owner: Luke Maquire

Price: $17/year, $27/year or $44 Lifetime

Score: 72 out of 100



I have to admit that when I first checked out Instamate’s website I wasn’t immediately impressed. They have a video set up upon arriving at the site and it reminded me a lot of some scams that I’ve reviewed.

The reason I say that is because it starts off with some video testimonials. Video testimonials don’t mean that a program is a scam, it’s just that a lot of scams use them. The difference is that the scams just hire actors from Fiverr to give fake testimonials.

I did some digging around and as far as I can tell, the testimonials on Instamate are real and legitimate so don’t worry.

Instamate is more than just a training program for making money. It also provides you with a few tools that will help you grow your Instagram account quickly.

There are over 400 million people using Instagram so that makes it a huge opportunity to make money. The main challenge making money from Instagram is that it’s only for mobile use.

This makes it difficult to leverage as a business plan. All the people who have been successfully making money from other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are using their desktops or laptops to build their following.

Using a desktop it’s easier to use techniques that attract followers like creating viral content or cool offers. For these reasons, it’s more difficult to make money from Instagram than other social media sites.

Instamate has changed that. They’ve created a system for building a huge following on instagram fast. When you buy into it, you not only get this system but you also get some really handy tools that will give you a huge advantage.


What Is It?

It uses a cloud based software that allows you to use Instagram from a desktop or laptop. This is something that you simply cannot do without Instamate and it’s pretty cool.

Now you can use all the usual tools that you would use with your othr social media accounts, plus the additional tools that come with it.

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Here’s a couple screenshots from the website. With this system you’ll be able to……….

  • easily find the most viral content for any niche in just seconds
  • automate all of your instagram posts as far as a month in advance
  • automatically find the most viral hashtags in your niche
  • use it with 30 different accounts so you only have to buy it once
  • grow your audience very quickly

If you’re already an avid user of social media then you’ll understand how valuable this is. Being able to automate your accounts saves you so much time. Not only that but Instamate will post at the peak times for you so that you reach the biggest audience.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is not bogged down with ads yet. The reason is because it isn’t a very popular place for marketers because of the fact that it’s only compatable with mobile devices.

What this means is that it’s virtually untapped by marketers. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to promote their products or other people’s products(affiliate marketing).

I also think that Instamate will be very helpful for people looking to build their email list. So many people use Facebook and Twitter to grow their list but I truly believe that thanks to this program, Instagram is now the best social media platform for list building.


Final Thoughts

All in all I’m really impressed by Instamate. I think it’s a fantastic tool that a lot of people will find very useful and maybe even crucial to their success.

One thing to remember though is that although it will save you a lot of time and work, you still have to put in some work.

You’ll still have to work the system in order for this to help you. It’s not like you just turn it on and wait for the money to roll in.

Not only that but it’s mainly only beneficial for experienced marketers who already have something to sell or promote.

If you’re new to internet marketing and you don’t yet have a product or brand to promote, then you should look elsewhere.

Star Rating
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Potential Profit




For total beginners or even marketers who are looking for an extra boost to your online business I’d first recommend my #1 Ranked program.

It’s best to start with my #1 Ranked program and that will give you the training you need to start your online business. Once you’ve got your business up and running with a good base of knowledge then I think Instamate would be a good tool to grow your audience.

Thanks very much for stopping by today. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to use the box below to reach me. I always respond ASAP.



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