Income Blueprint X Review – Not Great…I’ll Tell You Why

Income Blueprint X Review

Name: Income Blueprint X


Owner: Kory Pearman

Price: $9 Plus Upsells($47 + $67)

Overall Score: 74 out of 100

income blueprint x review

Summary: This is a training program designed to help people make money from affiliate marketing using an email list. It will show you how to set up an email list, gain subscribers and then pitch things to those subscribers. It sort of falls into the category of spam but it's not too bad. For a more complete training platform on affiliate marketing I would recommend my #1 ranked program instead. 



Before I dig too deep into my Income Blueprint X Review I want to first say that I thought this was a pretty good product overall. Especially when compared to a lot of the other reviews I’ve written in the past. That being said it still doesn’t come close to comparing to my #1 Ranked product.

The product itself is a training program designed to help people make money online. It’s trying to teach people to make money from affiliate sales all done through an email list. So they will teach you how to set up an email list, build it up and then market products to the people on that list.

All of the training is done through a series of videos and it’s all taught by the owner himself, Kory Pearman.

So you know when you get those junk emails in your inbox that are trying to sell you random crap? Well this is exactly what this program is trying to teach you to do.

If you’ve ever given out your email address on a website in order to receive something in return, there’s a good chance that your email address was handed out to other marketers so they could try to sell you stuff via email.


What You Get

So once you purchase the product you will get access to 15 training videos. These videos are actually very well done and very high quality. Kory is a good speaker and has pretty reasonable teaching skills.

Upon starting the training you will get hit with a couple upsells right away. The first one is $47 and it’s basically saying that you will get all of the systems they teach, but they will set it up for you.

So much less work for you and perhaps you could start earning money quicker with this.

The second upsell is for $67 and it’s pretty much the same idea as the first upsell. They say that literally everything is done for you and it is all totally automated. I’m not too sure about either of these because I didn’t purchase the upsells but it sounds too good to be true.

So for the $9 you get basically 9 steps and the material is presented quite nicely. Here’s the jist of what you get.


  • Pick a niche through Clickbank
  • Creating a squeeze page using Optimizepress
  • Creating an incentive
  • Redirect to CPA
  • Putting everything together
  • Automation of follow up messages
  • $10,000 paydays
  • Solo ads, Facebook and Pinterest ads
  • Forum, Google and Youtube traffic


Now there are two more things that aren’t exactly an upsell but they are an extra cost that you will need to pay for if you want to properly follow this system. Those 2 things are Optimizepress and Aweber.

Optimizepress is a service that helps you set up squeeze pages and landing pages. I’ve used both of these products and they are both great. In fact I still use Aweber and I’m very happy with it as an autoresponder.

That being said, Optimizepress is $97 and Aweber is $19 per month so be prepared to pay that if you follow this system. Again, that’s a small price to pay if you are in fact going to be profitting from this system like it suggests.

The training does do a pretty good job of teaching people how to create their own product for an incentive to get people to sign up. This is actually pretty cool because there aren’t too many programs that are teaching how to create your own digital product. The only other program I can think of that teaches this is Clickbank University.

Most programs will suggest you use PLR ebooks instead of creating your own. It’s not a bad idea to use PLR ebooks I just find it to be different and kind of neat that they are teaching this.


Negative Nancy

Now it’s time for me to tell you what I didn’t like about the product. I don’t want to sound like a negative nancy because after all I do like this product but every product has flaws and this one is no exception. So here’s what I didn’t like.

I don’t think this is a good program for anyone without internet marketing experience. If you jump right into this you will struggle to know what the heck Kory is talking about half the time.

He often just assumes you know what certain things are whent the truth is that real beginners need everything to be explained.

It also markets itself as a complete internet marketing course which is completely false. This isn’t a complete marketing course, it’s only teaching a small portion of the internet marketing business.

Email marketing and list building should be only a small part of your business, not the whole thing.

I also don’t really think this product is totally sustainable. I think that you can only send someone a spammy sales pitch so many times before they get sick of it and unsubscribe. I personally learned to build an affiliate marketing business that is 100% sustainable.

There are also no instructions on how to actually get the domain and set up your wordpress website. They just assume you know how to do this. A lot of people don’t.

There isn’t support. If you have any questions or technical issues you are pretty much on your own. There isn’t a forum or live chat but there is an email address to contact Kory but I sent one question as a test and didn’t get a response. This is s bit of a downfall in my opinion.


Final Thoughts

So all in all I thought it was a good product. I liked what was being taught and I even learned a few things that I will apply to my own email list on my other website.

I have quite a bit of experience and even I was slightly confused with some of the teachings so I think it would be pretty hard for a beginner to step right in and learn from this system.

It’s a far cry from a complete internet marketing program but it does teach one thing quite well. There is no doubt that it’s a legitimate program and definitely not a scam.

This income blueprint x review is strictly just my opinion and I will not gain anything should you decide to join.

Here are my ratings…..

Income Blueprint X Review – Not Great…I’ll Tell You Why
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential




If you are a total beginner and you’re looking for a way to start making consistent, honest money online, then I would have to recommend a different program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is truly a complete internet marketing program and I believe it has the best training available anywhere. That’s precisely why I’ve made it my #1 Ranked Product.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review. Please feel free to leave me comments or feedback in the box below. Cheers.

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