I Need A New Career For My Sanity – Is Your Job Crappy?

I need a new job forI need a new career for my sanity’s sake. My job is crappy and I hate going to work everyday. I don’t make very much money and I put in a lot of hours.

Ok that’s not really true in my case but I know that a lot of people out there feel this way. So many people suffer through a terrible job every single day.

Some people hate their boss, some hate their co-workers, some hate the tasks they’re paid to complete and some hate all of the above.

If this rings true to you, don’t worry you’re not alone and there are other options out there, you really don’t have to keep living like this.

Work Sucks

The biggest problem with work is that it really sucks.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

                                                – Confucius

This is one of my favorite quotes because it really rings true to me. When you’re doing something you love time goes by very quickly but when you’re doing something you don’t love, time goes by slowly.

I’ve worked lots of different jobs in my life and I always do my best not to look at the clock while on shift. I’ve always found that the more you look at the clock, the more you think about how slow time is moving and this makes for a really long day.

Of course it’s all in my head but that doesn’t seem to matter when I’m super bored and just want to go home. So of course we all know that time flies when your having fun. This is absolutely true.

Now that I’ve found a job that I love, there’s no more watching the clock and if I do look at the clock, it’s just to see how many more hours I get to keep working.

Sometimes when the end of the day comes I’m disappointed because I’m enjoying myself and when I get up in the morning I can’t wait to get started.

My New Love, I Mean Job

I love my new job, well it’s actually not new anymore but it still feels new because time has gone by so fast since I started. I’m doing affiliate marketing.

In addition to this website I have a fitness website. My fitness website makes me money every single day with affiliate sales. This has allowed me to live what I call The Affiliate Lifestyle. I’ll tell you a little bit about my fitness website.

My website is what you call a niche website, this just means that it’s not a broad topic, it’s a smaller more targeted topic within a broad topic.

So instead of it just being about fitness, it’s actually about portable fitness products. So the website is geared towards people who don’t want to get a gym membership for whatever reason and don’t want to buy huge bulky equipment that takes up too much space.

Day In The Life Of An Affiliate Marketer

jobloveSo I have to admit that I love my job. I love running my fitness website and I want to tell you what my days are like when running my website.

So I get up in the morning usually around 8AM and get the coffee going and then breakfast. After I’ve done that I head over to my favorite chair in the living room and I grab my laptop.

First task is to check emails. Once I’ve checked and responded to emails I then sign into my Wealthy Affiliate account. Once I’m logged in I’ll check all the notificattions.

Generally they’re notifications about messages left on posts or articles I’ve written for the website. I always respond to these first because I love interacting with my readers and I hate to keep them waiting.

Once I’ve responded to these I then start researching the fitness industry. I’m usually looking into new products that I could potentially review or test. If there’s a new fitness product on the market, I want to know about it ASAP so my readers can learn about it as well.

I always keep a list of prducts that I want to test and review and some of which I’ve already tested and now need to review.

Then comes the writing. I’ve never been a writer and I’m not educated past high school so I’m shocked that I actually write for a living now. But I do and I love it. The more I do it, the more I love it.

So I select one of the products that I’ve tested and I start to write a review. This can take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours, depending on the product and depending on my mood.

If I don’t have a product that I can review, I just write a blog post. I’ll blog about any topic relating to fitness. Sometimes I blog about health and diet and other times I’ll talk about recent workouts that I’ve done.

So I try to post once per day, 5 days per week. After writing a post I then start to tweak the website. It seems like there is always room for improvement when you own a website. It’s never perfect and it’s never complete so I usually spend an hour or so just tinkering with things.

dream jobAfter that, I’m pretty much done working on my website for the day so if I want I can call it a day and do as I please. That’s not usually what I do because I actually enjoy my job so I want to do more.

At this point I usually head over to the Wealthy Affiliate website to do a few things. It’s such a social community there so it’s a lot of fun just browsing around reading other people’s posts.

At this point I’ll chat with other affiliate marketers about work and our websites. Sometimes I go to the live chat to see if I can answer any questions for some of the other members.

Quite often there’s new training available at Wealthy Affiliate and I always jump at the opportunity to learn something new. If I see a new course or training video, I’ll read or watch that right away.

Once that’s done I usually head over to the Amazon Associates website and check to see how my website is doing for sales that day. Once I sign in it will tell me how many commissions I’ve made that day, week, month and year. This part is sweet.

At this point I’m done my work for the day and I can do as I please. This could be anywhere from 1pm to 5 Pm depending on the day. I don’t really count the hours I work I just work in a way that feels natural and easy.

So I’m not going to tell you that I don’t work hard or that it’s easy because thats not true. It’s real work and it takes discipline to keep at it everyday. I don’t have a boss motivating me or giving me deadlines so it would be really easy to just skip work and slack off.

The only reason I don’t slack off is because I actually enjoy it. I’m passionate about fitness and so I love working on my website. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about it and on the days I don’t work I actually miss it.

beachThis lifestyle is awesome because although I do work from home, I don’t need to be at home to do my work. I could be on a beach if I wanted. I could be in a hotel room, on an airplane or at a friends house. As long as there is an internet connection I can work.

I can also take any day off I want, I can take long vacations and I can choose my own hours. It is truly freddom.

You Can Have This Life

You really can have this life. You don’t need to be grinding away at a job you hate for hours on end. It really isn’t the only option despite what some people think. You can live exactly like I do and I can show you exactly how to do it.

If you start today, you could be bringing in a generous income within 6 months. There’s no trick or scheme and it won’t happen over night but it can be a reality for you.

If you sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account you can start learning how to get this lifestyle. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to quit your day job and say goodbye to your boss forever.

You read that right, it’s totally FREE to sign up for the starter membership. If you don’t like it, you can quit, but quitting will assure that you will need your crappy job forever. So save your sanity and go check it out today, the only way to change your life is to take action.

Thanks for reading this post today. I’d love to hear any feedback that you might have on this topic. If you have any questions about this topic or about Wealthy Affiliate I’d be more than happy to answer them, just use the box below.





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