How To Learn About Digital Marketing – 7 Experts To Watch And Learn From


According to Wikipedia digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

This article will show you how to learn about digital marketing without running into scams or con artists who just want to take your money.

You’ve probably also heard the term “internet marketing” and that’s pretty much the same thing as digital marketing and I often use the two terms interchangeably.


What The Heck Do These Terms Really Mean?

Digital Marketing is a variety of different things to different people as there are many different ways you can “market” digitally.

The most common way to market digitally is on the internet and that’s usually what people mean when they say “digital marketing”.

If someone describes themselves as a digital marketer that basically means that they are the person who aligns a consumer with a product using online or digital techniques.


How To Learn About Digital Marketing

Since there are so many different ways to learn about digital marketing and so many people claiming to be gurus on the topic it can be hard to sift through the scams and lies to get to the truth.

Today I’m going to put my years of experience in the digital marketing world to use and give you some examples of people or programs that you can trust in this industry.

Every example I’m using here has been well researched and I’ve had a long history with each and every one of them so I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are legitimate and reliable.

There are 6 different resources created by 7 people that I’m going to talk about here and they’re all great in their own way.

Whether you’re an experienced veteran in this industry or just in the research faze with no real experience you will be able to benefit from all of these trustworthy sources.

In addition to that I wanted to share with you an article that I came across recently that I found to be very helpful and I recommend giving it a read. It’s called The Top 10 Internet Marketing Strategies.


6 Digital Marketing Resources

1. Brian Dean – This guy started the website and he is unbelievably successful. His main focus is teaching people how to build backlinks but he has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of digital marketing.  I hang off every word of his blog posts and Youtube videos because his SEO tips are incredible.

2. Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim – I paired these two guys together because they’re co-creators of the greatest training program on the internet today, Wealthy Affiliate. This is the perfect place to start a digital marketing business whether you have years of experience or zero, it’s an amazing resource.

3. Jon Dykstra – This guy makes a lot of money with his online business and he experiments with numerous different techniques for generating income online. He’s very open about the techniques he uses and he even has a course called Niche Tycoon where he teaches mostly adsense and other paid ad services.

4. Yaro Starak – I’ve been on this guys email list for a couple of years now and he really does know his stuff. He mostly teaches how to sell your own products online but he also has a lot of knowledge in SEO and email marketing which he shares to his email subscribers as well as on his blog. You need to subscribe to this guy because there is a ton of awesome free info.

5. Darren Rowse – He runs a website called which is a hugely popular blog for people looking to learn how to blog. He’s honest and intelligent and the amount you can learn from him is endless.

6. Neil Patel – He runs a website called all about blogging. He’s very highly regarded in the online world and through his website he offers some of the best internet marketing advice on the web today. In addition to the wealth of information on his website he also does webinars which are chalked full of valuable information and you can sign up for them on his website.



Brian Dean

I can’t even begin to describe how much I’ve learned from Brian Dean through his email list alone.

He started out mostly focusing on backlinks and showing people how to build them effectively in order to get more traffic to your website.

His website has since become a major SEO authority and for good reason. He’s really an open book when it comes to his techniques for generating traffic.

Every time he writes a new blog post he sends a link out to his subscribers and I’m always excited to discover that I’ve got a new email from him.

You can always count on his articles to be extremely high quality giving you actionable techniques that you can apply to your blog or website immediately.

I can guarantee that my websites all get way more traffic now thanks to his teachings. One time I actually replied to one of his emails with a question and I was very pleased when he actually responded to my question personally.

He doesn’t provide a full training course for beginners to start a blog or website but once you’ve got one up and running this is one person that you will definitely want to subscribe to.

Here’s a link to



Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim

These two guys are actually the only reason I ever got started in digital marketing and I’ll forever be grateful.

I was lost in life searching for a way to make money online and all I came across were crappy ebooks and scams that only cared about taking my money.

Then I stumbled onto their website Wealthy Affiliate and it changed everything.

Wealthy Affiliate is without a doubt the most complete training platform for people wanting to learn to make money online.

Kyle & Carson not only created the most in depth training platform that exists but they also created a community of people who are always willing to help each other succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate is so different from other internet training platforms in the sense that you’re never alone there because it’s so easy to get help from other members with the live chat, the Questions feature and the blog feature.

In addition to that it’s one of the few training platforms where you have access to the owners.

Kyle & Carson are both very involved in the day to day operations of the community and you’ll be able to chat with them personally as you work through the training.

I’d say that the training is geared more for beginners because it gives you over the shoulder instructions on the entire process of setting up your blog, website or online business. No detail is left out.

For the more experienced folks out there you can still benefit from this training because you can simply skip ahead to the more advanced stuff at your preferred pace.

They didn’t just create this platform and then walk away from it. They focus all of their time improving it and updating it.

They are so motivated to make Wealthy Affiliate the best place in the world to learn digital marketing and they never stop making it better.

You can check out Wealthy Affiliate here.


niche tycoon review

Jon Dykstra

Jon Dykstra is a Canadian Attorney who actually quit practicing law to pursue an internet marketing career.

He never felt passionate about his law career so he made the decision to quit his job and focus on digital marketing full time. That’s a bold move but it’s proven to be a good move for him.

It’s not like he was a total beginner though, he had some experience in the online world and he even took care of the SEO for the law firm where he worked.

He now runs multiple websites but the only one that we know for sure is his, is called

On Fat Stacks Blog he talks a lot about his other websites but he never actually reveals which ones they are. What he does reveal is how he makes money from them and how much money he makes.

He doesn’t brag about the money he’s making, he simply shows us the results that he gets from certain techniques.

A large amount of his income comes from Google Adsense and he shows us exactly how he does it with his Niche Tycoon course.

I actually bought the course and went through it all and even wrote a review on it.

It’s an awesome course and if you’re ever planning on getting started with Adsense or ramping up your Adsense usage then his course would be a very valuable resource.

I’ve been a subscriber on his list for a few years now and much like Brian Dean’s emails, I always get excited to get a new email from him.



Yaro Starak

Yaro first got started in digital marketing way back in 1998 so he has a ton of experience in the industry to say the least.

He’s from Australia but now lives in Toronto, Canada.

Over the course of his online career he’s started and ran multiple different websites and made a lot of money from them.

He’s since sold all of his websites but for one called

Entrepreneurs-Journey teaches people how to start a blog, grow an email list and then sell digital products.

His main focus is teaching people to sell their own products but his techniques would be valuable even if you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing and really any kind of digital marketing.

I reviewed his newest course, Laptop Lifestyle Academy and gave it high praise.

He’s also created a free blueprint for creating a blog and turning it into a passive money making machine.

If you’re really serious about selling your own products online he would be the perfect person reach out to. Either way, you should get his free Blog Profits Blueprint by subscribing to his email list right here.



Darren Rowse

Darren started blogging back in 2002 and he’s never looked back. He started with a few small blogs and realized that he could actually make a living from this.

By 2004 he was making a full time income blogging.

Around that same time he started as a way to share what he had learned about monetizing blogs and hopefully meet some like minded people.

Today is a huge website that has helped thousands of people start or improve their blogs.

I would highly recommend subscribing to his email list because he sends out a LOT of very useful tips for bloggers and the best part is that it’s free.



Neil Patel

Neil Patel is considered one of the best digital marketers in the world. He created his first website when he was 16 and he’s been killing it ever since.

He’s been hired by a lot of massive companies like Google and NBC do help them with marketing so that should tell you right there how smart this guy is.

He started 2 SaaS analytics companies, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics but he also publishes some very high quality content on his main website,

If you want to learn more about digital marketing topics such as PPC, graphic design, content creation and traffic generation then his website is a great place to check out.

You should also subscribe to his email list.


Now What?

Now that you’re aware of these 6 resources you should have enough knowledge to move forward with your online journey.

These people are wildly successful in the online world and you can trust 100% of what they say.

You might be thinking that I left out some extremely successful people and resources on my list and if you are, then you’re right.

I actually left out a lot of awesome resources but I did it on purpose. If I were to write about all the successful digital marketers this article would never end.

That’s because there are just so many of them. For a list of 80 top marketers, click here.

All of this might make it sound like it’s too competitive or that it’s too late to get started in this industry because you’ll never catch these guys.

That’s not true at all. The beauty of the internet is that it’s an absolutely huge audience, over 2 billion people are on the internet every single day and that number keeps on growing.

All you need to do is carve out your own niche website and blog about something that’s important or exciting to you and you’ll for sure be able to reach an audience.

Sure you’ll probably never catch up to Neil Patel but hey, you never know.

Out of these 6 resources the one that I used to start my first website and learn how to profit from it is Wealthy Affiliate.

Out of all of the courses, ebooks, webinars and training programs I still believe that Wealthy Affiliate gives you the best chance at success and they offer a free trial which amazing.

If you’re interested in learning more about it you can sign up and start your free trial right here.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed my article and that you  now have a better idea how to learn about digital marketing.

If you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them. Just leave them in the box below.




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