How To Get Paid To Test Electronics And Other Products From Home – The Definitive Guide

get paid to test electronis

Electronic product testing is a great way to get free stuff and in this guide I'll show you how to get paid to test electronics and other products from home.

If you know what you're doing, some companies will not only send you free stuff, but they'll even let you keep the stuff. 

Even high priced items like Apple watches, iPads, computers and tools can be shipped right to your door at no cost at all and they'll sometimes let you keep them. 

Yes I know this might sound too good to be true but this time it isn't. It's just true. 

Before you get too excited let me explain a few things first. 

Sure, you can get paid to test these products but it's not a lot of money so you can forget about making a living from this. (click here for ways to make a living from home)

Secondly, you're never guaranteed to receive these items. If these companies just sent out iPads to everyone who wanted a free iPad they'd go broke in no time. 

How Does This Work?

There are websites that you can sign up for that are always looking for product testers and you might be exactly what they're looking for. 

Generally they'll ask you to fill out some questionnaires so that they can get an idea what demographics you fit into. 

Once you've been approved they'll start sending you stuff. Every company is different but a lot of them don't even ask you to return the products and you just get to keep them. 

You could even sell them if you wanted to. 

Who Can Do This?

Most of the time you need to be at least 18 years old to take part in product testing. 

Secondly you'll need to be in either the United States, Canada or the UK but you'll have the most opportunities if you're in the US. 

What To Look Out For

​There are some shady and dishonest websites out there that claim to give out free stuff for product testing but really just lie to you in order to get your email address on their list. 

Or sometimes they tell you that you'll get free stuff after you fill out a few surveys but then after you complete the surveys you get nothing. ​

I've got a simple and fool proof way to avoid dealing with any of these shady companies, just don't deal with any websites that aren't on my list below.

Below are all of the websites that I've tested and researched to make sure they really work and aren't just a scam.

Each one operates a little differently so be sure to read through them all to see which one suits you best. ​

Product Elf

The first website I'll tell you about is called Product Elf and it's very straight forward and easy to figure out.

​All you have to do is sign up and you're good to go. 

The way it works is that you agree to test a product and write a review about that product on Amazon and they'll send it to you for free or with a big discount. ​

The reason for this is because a lot of products on Amazon have a hard time selling if nobody has written a review on it yet. Reviews on Amazon are the lifeblood of the sellers.

The only catch to this is that you have to pay for shipping unless you're already a member of Amazon Prime then it's free.

Since they don't pay you to write these reviews you'd have to sell the products in order to make any actual money.

Product Testing

This second website is simply called Product Testing. I actually wrote a full review on this website too. 

It's available to people in the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia. 

There are actually three different websites depending on where you live:

  • for residents of the UK
  • for residents of USA and Canada
  • for residents of Australia

 After signing up for this program I had to fill out a long survey and give them a lot of  personal information like address, phone number, age, body type, hobbies and interests. 

They need this information so that they can decide what products they should send you....if any at all. 

That's probably the first thing I should tell you about this website. A lot of people (including me) who sign up won't ever qualify for the free products. 

They say that they select the product testers at random but I really doubt this.

With all of this being said, some people do actually receive free products so it might be worth a try because you could get lucky.

In order to keep the products you'll have to do a bit of work. You'll need to write a review of at least 500 words, make a video review and take pictures. 

These are the minimum requirements to keep the products they send you. ​

Since Product Testing doesn't actually pay people to test products you'd have to sell the products they give you to actually make money from them. ​

Marie Claire Magazine

​Marie Claire Magazine has something called the Velvet Rope Club. 

When you sign up for the Velvet Rope Club they'll send you free stuff to try and in exchange they'll ask that you review the product and give you opinion on it.

They send out anything from makeup to hand bags.

You won't get paid for your reviews but some of the free stuff is pretty valuable so you could easily sell it for a profit.

Pinch Me

​Pinch Me is a website that gives out free samples of products for consumers to try out. 

In exchange for the free samples they ask that you give written feedback about the products.

The better your feedback is the more samples they'll give you.

Just like the others, you can sell these samples for a profit if you want. ​

Home Depot Seeds Program

The​ Home Depot Seeds program is a great way to get free tools. 

What's awesome about this one is that they'll give you some really valuable stuff like drills and table saws.

The catch is that it's by invite only but there's a strategy to getting yourself invited into this program.

Start by writing thorough and helpful reviews on products on the Home Depot website.

The more readers click the "Helpful" button on your reviews the more attention you'll get from the seeds program. 

Once you've written a number of reviews and receive enough "Helpful" clicks you'll be contacted by Home Depot asking you to join the program.

Once you're in you'll receive lots of free tools. It's fantastic.

For the Canadians reading this I know that Canadian Tire has a similar program.

It also help if you're a professional tradesman, if that's the case you should make them aware of that in your reviews.

Nike Product Tester

This one is awesome if you're a runner or an athlete.

I'm not exactly sure how you can qualify to become a Nike product tester but it's definitely a thing.

The website doesn't really tell you what they're looking for but anyone can apply so it can't hurt. ​

I think this would be a great one to be a part of. Have a look for yourself and why not apply?

Here's where you can apply

FYI, NB and Reebok also have similar product tester opportunities.


This is a very reputable company that will give you free stuff as long as you agree to write a high quality review of the products on Amazon.

In addition to products they'll also send you gift cards from some of the worlds biggest brands like Mcdonald's and Neutrogena.

This one is very legit and you get good value for the time put in.


​Join the Snuggle panel and you can be the first to hear about offers, promotions and free stuff. 

You know the cuddly looking teddy bear from the laundry soap commercials? That's what this is. 

It's basically an email list but they do sometimes give out free stuff for the people on their email list who are willing to write reviews of the products. ​

You won't get crazy valuable products but you can get some very useful things for free. Worth a try. ​


​After experimenting with Product Testing USA a little more I wanted to fill you in on some of my findings. 

A few days after I wrote this article I started getting lots of spam emails from companies trying to sell me crappy stuff.

They were really annoying emails wroded in a sleazy salesy kind of way which I hate.

I did some digging and I found out that Product Testing  actually sells your information to other companies which is one of the ways they make money.

This really pissed me off and now I feel bad for recommending it on this post. I can no longer recommend it to anybody but I assure you the rest of the websites I've listed here are safe and legit.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found some of these suggestions helpful.

I know how nice it can be to get things for free once in a while so I wanted to show you a few of the tricks that I've picked up over the years.

​If you have any questions or comments about any of these options just use the box below and I'll be sure to respond ASAP. 

If you're interested in learning how to make some proper money online I can help you with that too.

I've been making a full time living online since 2015​ using techniques like affiliate marketing, google ads and email marketing. 

I run several websites each surrounding a different topic and when people click on my ads I get paid.

It's a great life because I can work from anywhere I want and it's steady income that I can rely on. 

When I first started out I didn't really know what I was doing but I learned everything through an online course that I stumbled upon one day.

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Thanks for stopping by. 


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