How To Choose A Niche For A Website

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The internet is full of people trying to figure out how to choose a niche for a website. This can be very difficult and it really shouldn’t be taken lightly because once you start your niche website you’ll have to write about, think about and dream about this topic a lot in the near and far future.

Scary right? Not really, although it’s a big decision it doesn’t have to be difficult. There’s all sorts of different techniques that you can use to narrow it down.

What Is A Niche Website?

A niche is really just a group of people looking for something specific. Although a niche market is smaller than a broad market the competition is way lower in niche markets which make it much easier to make money from it.

I’ve talked quite a bit about what a niche website actually is on some other posts and if you’re still not sure then you should read my areticle on “What is the best work from home business”? and there’s also a lot of good information on niches on my post “Wealthy Affiliate Review”.

If you already know what a niche website is or you’ve already read my posts that explain it better then we’re ready to move forward.

Choosing A Profitable Niche

The best and easiest way to chose a profitable niche is to think about what your passions are. If you have a hobby or passion that you feel like you could write about frequently without getting bored then that would be a good niche.

Now you’re probably thinking about one of your passions or hobbies and you can’t figure out how you could profit from a website on that topic. Well don’t worry about that right now.

There are so many ways that you can monotize a niche website and you’ll learn that later on. For now, just focus on your passions and interests. It’s a good idea to write down a list of things that you’re interested in or things you love.

If you absolutely love a certain hobby or topic then your content that you create about that topic is going to be much more interesting to your readers. Your passion will shine through with your content.

Here’s a really great video on choosing your niche that I think will be really helpful.

choosing your direction



So that should really give you a great idea of what a niche is and how to profit from a niche website. Not only do you now know what a niche website is but you’ve just watched a video that is straight out of the Wealthy Affiliate training.

You can see how great the training is and how thorough but yet simple it is. I want to show you one more video that touches on this subject. This one is more focused on the profit side of niche selection. For those of you worried about choosing a niche that is profitable, this video will make you feel a lot better about things.

find a profitable niche


I really love that video because it’s packed full of amazing information. These are the same videos I watched when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate. I went through the same process that you’re going through with niche selection. I ended up choosing to build a website in the fitness niche.

Now another thing I want to touch on is the passion obsession. You hear a lot that you should choose a niche that you are passionate about. I’ve even said it myself and it’s good advice.

With that being said, some people don’t really feel passionate about anything and that totally normal. Not everyone has that one hobby that they are obsessed with.

So if you fall into this category, don’t worry it’s no big deal. Instead of thinking about what your passion is, you should instead try to think about something that you wouldn’t mind writing about. Or even something that you want to learn about.

You really can choose something that yo don’t know a lot about. It just means that you would need to do a lot of research before you post articles on the subject. This actually can be a pretty good option for some people.

If you go that route, then try to think of something you think you might be interested in. Then after a while you will be an expert in that department. You might even find that you have developed a new passion.

Follow The Leaders

If you’re thinking of a niche that you would like to write about and you’re wondering how easy it would be to profit from that niche, just do a google search.

With a little bit of google research you’ll be able to see if other people are profitting from that same niche. If you find a lot of websites with the exact same niche as you’re considering, then maybe it’s too competitive.

If you see zero websites in that niche that could be a bad sign as well. That could mean that it’s too small of a niche and there really isn’t money to be made.

So really you want to see a few websites in that niche. A little competition is deffinitely a good thing in this case.

Another thing you could do to decide if a niche is viable is a little keyword research. If you’re not sure how to do keyword research or you’re not even sure what that means, you should read the article that I wrote that’s all about how to do keyword reasearch with the Jaaxy keyword tool. 


So now that you understand keywords and keyword research you are probably starting to get a pretty good idea how this all works.

So using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool you should do a little research using terms and phrases that relate to your potential niche. You’re looking for words with high traffic and low competition. That can be hard to find and often you will have to settle for low competition and ok traffic.

For example…….if the niche you’re considering is all about…….making crafts from plastic bottles. Sure why not. Then you could first enter that phrase into jaaxy.

Here’s a list of other terms relating to that niche that you could enter into Jaaxy.

  • plastic bottle crafts
  • crafts from recycling
  • recycled crafts
  • crafty recycler
  • crafty recycling
  • turning plastic bottles into crafts

Those are just a few examples off the top of my head. Once you start entering words and phrases into Jaaxy it will give you ideas and suggestions as well. That’s the beauty of Jaaxy. 

Quality Content

So no matter what niche you select it won’t matter unless you can add quality content. The content you write on your website really needs to be entertaining, enticing and valuable to your readers.

If nobody wants to read your posts or they read half of it and then leave your website then you are in trouble. The quality of your content is actually a huge factor for getting ranked with google.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be an english major in order to be successful online. You really don’t, but what you do need is the ability to communicate clearly and in a way that people enjoy.

It’s really just like you’re talking to a friend. Just write the exact way you would if you were having a conversation with someone. Just like you’re telling your friend about your new hobby or passion.

Whether your website is in english, spanish or whatever language you decide it doesn’t matter. Even if you build a website in english but english isn’t your first language, don’t worry about that. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as the content is engaging.


Thanks very much for reading my article today. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you learned something from it. Please leave me some feedback in the box below and I’ll be sure to reply quickly.

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