Home Jobs Today Review – Prize or Poison? Reviews are plentiful

Name: Home Jobs Today home jobs today 1

Website: www.home-jobs-today.com

Owner: Kelly Simmons

Price: $97

Score: 5 out of 100



 With all the scams online these days it can be hard to know what’s legit and what’s a scam.

This Home Jobs Today Review should clear up any questions or concerns you might have about the program and hopefully help you avoid the dishonest reviews.

Basically this is a link posting program. They’re selling a course/training program that teaches people how to post links all over the internet and then make money when/if people click your links.

The idea is that certain websites will pay people to send traffic to their site. So you would get a special link with your own personal ID code in it and you would get paid everytime someone clicks it.

It’s not a new idea. In fact, link posting was a pretty lucrative endeavor about 10 years ago.

A lot of people made a lot of money from link posting until Google changed it’s algorythm. Google didn’t like that the internet was getting bombarded with links because it was becoming rampant and just turned into spam.

Now that Google has changed it’s algorythm link posting isn’t nearly as lucrative. Home Jobs Today is banking on the fact that people who are new to internet marketing won’t know this.

So they’re essentially taking advantage of newbies who don’t know any better.

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The Scary Truth

 The truth about this program is actually pretty scary. This is what you call a duplicate site. Duplicate sites are pretty common unfortunately.

When a new scam pops up they start to build their traffic and sometimes they use paid traffic. At first, nobody knows anything about the program so it’s undetermined whether or not it’s legitimate.

Then when people start to get scammed they’ll quite often write negative reviews about that program as a way to prevent other people from getting scammed and maybe get some redemption for the money they lost.

After a while there end up being a lot of negative reviews about the scams and it becomes pretty apparent that it’s a scam that people should stay away from. This means that the scam has run it’s course and the sleaze balls who created it have to move on.

Since these scammers are lazy they just use duplicate sites to start scamming people again. They set up a new website with a new domain and that’s where the differences end.

The rest of the website is exactly the same. They just recycle the same scam under a new name. This way when a potential customer googles the name, they won’t find any negative information on it.

To make matter worse, these scammers usually have  other websites that write positive reviews about their scams. They have fake news websites that will say positive things about thier program. So when you google it, not only will there be no negative reviews on it, there will also be a few positive reviews just to help convince you it’s safe.


Do I Have Proof?

 I’m glad you asked because I do have proof that this is a duplicate site.

I wrote a review a few months ago about a program called “Replace Your Job“. Below is a picture of the logo for Replace Your Job.

replce your job review

So as you can see it’s the exact same logo. If that’s not enough proof for you, you should go read that review to see how similar they are. It’s really bad.

In addition to that, there are a few other giveaways that this is a duplicate site. The owner of this site is going by the name Kelly Simmons. The owner of the Replace Your Job site was named Kelly Scott.

The funny thing is that they show pictures of her and it’s the same person. So it’s pretty obvious that it’s a made up person and most likely fake pictures taken from a stock photo website.

They even admit all of this in the disclaimer. They say that they’re keeping identity of the owner from us for privacy reasons. This is total crap because any legitimate program that helps people make money will not do this.

I’ve reviewed lots of programs that are honest and legitimate and they have no reason to hide the owner. In fact the owner is usually quite proud because he or she has something that can truly help people.

They also claim that there is a limited number of spots available for this program. This isn’t exactly a dead giveaway that it’s a scam but it most deffinitely is a bad sign.

I’ve reviewed so many scams and they almost all use this tactic. It’s just a way of rushing people into purchasing it.


Does The Program Work At All?

The program is almost 100% useless. Sure there is a slight chance you can make a little bit of money with this but not enough to justify the price.

There are still a few companies who will pay for clicks on links but the problem is that they really don’t pay what they used to. Even if you have a lot of time and post a lot of links I really don’t think you could make any substantial money.

I think you would actually be better off trying to make money from paid surveys which is something I never recommend because it’s not very profitable either. The truth is that you should really look elsewhere if you want to make money online because there are good programs.


Hidden Purpose

Home Jobs Today actually has a hidden purpose in addition to taking $97 from you. If you signed up to this program you probably remember them asking for your phone number.

They will actually use your phone number to try to sell you other products(probably scams). This is a pretty effective way to scam people because a good sales person can be very convincing on the phone.

Not only that but a lot of people have a much harder time saying “No”, on the phone because there’s a real person on the other end. This is yet another reason to stay away from this program.

The phone sales people there are actually very good at what they do and they prey on unsuspecting people. Especially the elderly.

My Verdict: Scam


Final Thoughts

So I’ve been pretty clear about my feelings on this program. It’s obviously a complete scam and I really hope that you read this review before spending any money on it.

Star Rating
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Safety




Online scams are becoming more and more sophisticated these days and so you really need to be careful. The people who are most at risk for this are the ones looking for a way to make money online.

When looking for a way to make money online there are so many things to choose from and it can be really hard to know which is real and which is a scam. I’m doing my best to review as many programs as I can to try to help people avoid scams and reach their goals.

I was in the same position myself so I know how hard it can be. I’m now making a full time living online and I couldn’t be happier about it. It provides me with the freedom to work when I want and where I want so I’m able to spend more time with family and friends.

If you want to see how I made my way from a total beginner to a full time internet marketer, check out my story right here. There is no reason why anyone can’t do what I do especially if you take the same training I took.

Thanks very much for stopping by today. I hope you found this Home Jobs Today review helpful. Please feel free to leave me any questions or comments in the box below and I’ll respond personally ASAP.



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