Get It Free Reviews – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

I've used Get It Free and I've read all the reviews. Let me show you how it works and I'll tell you if it's a Scam or Legit.

Get It Free Reviews

Get It Free Reviews

Name: Get It Free


Type Of Opportunity: Discounts & Freebies

Price: Free

What Is Get It Free?

Get It Free is a website that helps people save money by providing them with coupons, deals, sweepstakes and free offers. 

In addition to those things, Get It Free also has a blog and a video section. 

The video section is simply a page where they post entertaining videos of all kinds. Oddly, the videos they post have nothing to do with saving money or getting free stuff. 

The blog section is where they post articles about a variety of different topics but mostly surrounding the topic of saving money or making money. 

A lot of people are saying some pretty negative stuff online about Get It Free so I thought I'd try it out and see for myself what it's all about. 

Personally I'd love to get some free stuff and really, who wouldn't? 

I've reviewed other freebie/sweepstakes websites and although they all seem to provide some value, most of them don't live up to the hype. 

For those of you looking to save a little bit of money, this could be a good way to do just that but if you're more interested in making money online, Get It Free won't help you achieve that. 

To find out about legitimate ways to make money online you should read this instead. 

Regardless, I was excited to give this program a chance and see how it compares to Freebies Frenzy, Mr. Rebates or Prizegrab

Is Get It Free A Scam Or Legit?

Get It Free is not a scam. It's a legit website that doesn't cost you anything to use. 

Anytime something is free and does't actually take your money I can't call it a scam even if it's a waste of time. 

But Get It Free isn't a waste of time either. There are a lot of good coupons and deals to be found here and if you have the patience and the time, you can save a lot of money. 

You might see a lot of negative Get It Free reviews online but that doesn't mean it's a scam. 

Get It Free Reviews

As I said before, there are a lot of negative Get It Free reviews online and this has a lot of people wondering if it's a bad idea to use their service. 

Here's a few of the reviews I read on

So these people are obviously pissed off and they seem to have no problem calling it a scam unlike me. 

I can understand their frustration and I think that they probably learned a lesson about giving out your personal information online. 

Getting constant emails, phone calls and texts would be super annoying and I don't blame them for being upset. 

If you really are considering signing up for Get It Free you should maybe consider opening up a separate email address that you use for this. 

That way the spam won't bother you as much.

How Does Get It Free Work?

It's a very simple website that is easy to follow and use. 

The only thing you should watch out for initially is the large amounts of ads that are conveniently placed(or inconveniently). 

I find that a lot of the ads look very similar to the actual 'Deals' and so it's easy to click an ad by mistake and end up on a different website all together. 

Basically there are 4 different ways to save money on Get It Free. 

Freebies, Coupons, Deals and Sweepstakes. 


To access the freebies you just click on the 'Freebies' link at the top of the page. 

This will bring you to a new page where you'll see a whole bunch of products with images and a short description just like the image below. 

To qualify for any of these items you simply have to click on the ones you're interested in. 

Once you click on one of the products a new page will open up. The new page will have a picture of the product with a link below it that says, ''Redeem Freebie". 

Once you click that link you'll be brought to yet another page. This next page will be a form that you'll need to fill out in order to qualify for this particular freebie. 

So as you can see this one I clicked is for a men's shampoo sample and they want you to fill out the form before they send it to you. 

The main concern here is that they want your email address. 

I've filled out a number of these forms and I'm yet to receive any free products but I have received a lot of junk mail instead. 

This coincides with a lot of the complaints about Get It Free that I've read online. 

The fact that I haven't received any products yet doesn't really surprise me because at the bottom of each of the forms you fill out it says, "Available While Supplies Last"

This is the perfect way to get out of sending this to someone.

If you complain about not receiving the product they will just tell you that they ran out. 

This is not to say that they never send out free products.

I do believe that they do send out a certain amount of free products but I believe that there are just so many people competing for these products that there's a slim chance of you actually getting something. 

Why would they give away free stuff?

The reason they give away free stuff is because companies probably pay them to do this. 

A lot of big companies will use services like Get It Free as a way to get feedback from the public. 

So they'll give free stuff away and ask that in return you give feedback or write a review of the product. 

This is similar to Paid Survey websites that you may have seen advertised online. Companies want feedback so they pay survey companies to find people to take surveys. 

Then the survey companies give the 'survey taker' a portion of the money and they keep the rest. 

This is also something Get It Free does. 

Another reason some companies give away free stuff is just because they want people to try their product with the hopes that they like it and buy it going forward. 

Often this would happen if a company is launching a new product. 

Keep in mind that the freebies you'll see on Get It Free and other freebie websites are almost always very small. 

You'll never get a full size product instead it will be a small sample size. 


There are a lot of coupons on Get It Free so you should have no problem finding some useful ones no matter what you're interested in. 

Click on the 'Coupons' tab at the top of the screen and you'll be taken to a new page with lots and lots of coupons to choose from. 

The coupons portion of this website is probably the most useful and practical in my opinion because you're not leaving anything up to chance. 

You just choose the coupons you want and they're yours. 

Here's how it works. 

Once you click on the coupon you want it will bring you to a new page where you'll then have to select the link that says, "Redeem Coupon"

Once you click that link it will bring you to a completely different website.

From my experience it brings you to but I've read other people saying it used a different website. is a massive website that gets a lot of traffic and it is legitimate but it does have it's pitfalls.

The main pitfall is just the fact that they send you a lot of junk mail to your inbox. 

If you don't mind the junk mail, then you might as well sign up for this because in order to use the coupons you'll have to be a member of

Once you're a member you can peruse the massive amounts of coupons and seek out the ones you're likely to use. 

When you see a coupon you want to use simply click on the little + symbol on the bottom left side of the coupon and it will automatically add it to your clipboard. 

The clipboard will then collect all of your clipped coupons kind of like a checkout cart. 

When you're ready you just head over to your clipboard and print off the coupons that you've saved. 

Unfortunately printing the coupons off is the only way to use them.


The deals section isn't all that different from the coupons section in terms of how to navigate them but they have some big differences too. 

This looks just like the coupons section but instead of giving you coupons for products, they tell you about specific items that are on sale somewhere online. 

So you can browse through the deals and if there's something you like, just click on it. 

Once you click on it you'll be brought to a different website where that product is being sold. 

A lot of them link to Amazon products and I assume these are affiliate links so you can imagine how much money they're making from affiliate commissions here. 

I would say a lot. 

But that doesn't affect you if you buy the product. These are legitimate sales and you can find some good bargains here. 

All in all, the deals section has some pretty good value if you don't mind looking through hundreds of products to find something that interests you. 


The sweepstakes section is just like any other sweepstakes website. 

You enter to win free products and you most likely won't ever win anything. 

Sure they give a way some stuff and they do have some really appealing prizes but in the end the odds of winning are so slim that it's really not worth your time in my opinion. 

Even though most of us are aware that the odds of winning are low and it's probably a waste of time, there still are a ton of people who will try this out. 

I guess there's always that glimmer of hope that some people have especially when the prizes are things like cars, beds, watches, electronics or cash. 

Anybody would be happy to win those things. 

As for me, I won't waste my time. 

Final Thoughts

The Get It Free website is an okay service for people looking for some savings on everyday products. 

As long as you don't get too caught up in the allure of the sweepstakes then you should be alright with this program. 

Well that and the constant spam emails. 

I checked out the Get It Free BBB rating and it scored a A- because it had three closed complaints.

These three complaints all had to do with excessive emails and phone calls. 

The Get It Free Reddit forum has a lot of those same complaints too so it's pretty apparent that this is a big problem with this website. 

So between the negative Get It Free reviews and the large amounts of ads you might just be better off not using this service. 

But if you can put up with those things then maybe you'll see some decent savings.

Thanks very much for stopping by today and I hope you found this review helpful. 

If you have any questions or comments please use the field below and I'll be sure to respond to you ASAP. 



Get It Free Reviews – Is It Legit Or A Scam?
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