– Are The Sweepstakes Odds Good With FreebieShark?

Let me show you how good the odds are of winning the sweepstakes at Freebieshark and how it works overall. This is an in-depth overview and review.


Freebieshark Sweepstakes

Name: FreebieShark


Owner: Jason @Freebieshark

Price: Free

Freebieshark Overview​​​​​

Freebieshark is a website where you can find coupons, deals, freebies and sweepstakes. 

I've seen quite a few other websites that are a similar concept like Freebies Frenzy and Moneycroc but I have to admit that I like Freebieshark better.

There are a few reasons why I like Freebieshark more and I'll get into all of them later in the review but mostly it's because they don't spam you or try to sell you anything and all the deals they recommend are actually legitimate. 

What originally attracted me to this website was the sweepstakes because I'm always looking to review things related to making money online. 

Once I looked into it more I saw that they offer much more than just sweepstakes, in fact sweepstakes are just a small part of the website. 

The coupons, deals and freebies are actually what most people come here for and for good reason because there are a lot of them and they are all legitimate. 

A lot of other freebie websites will make you give your email address or other personal information in order to qualify for the offers and then they often spam you. 

Fortuately Freebieshark is not like that, they're reliable and ethical. 

It should also be noted that they don't actually give away the free stuff and coupons. Instead they just source out other websites that are giving these things away and then they link you to them. 

Freebieshark Sweepstakes

There is a humongous list of sweepstakes and instant win games. Just click on Sweeps at the top of the page and you'll be taken to the massive list. 

Here's a screenshot of some of them. 

So prepaid Visa cards are the closest thing you can get to actual cash but I think that's pretty good. 

A lot of the other freebie websites only give gift cards and no Visa cards. Obviously Visa cards are better because you can spend the money on anything you want. 

In addition to pre paid Visa cards you can also win gift cards which is probably the second most desirable thing to win. 

I did read about someone who won a tablet which is pretty awesome. 

What Are The Odds Of Winning?

It's pretty hard to say exactly what the odds are of winning just because it's not actually Freebieshark giving things away. 

All the prizes come from other companies and websites and they probably all have different odds. 

What I can tell you though is that all of the sweepstakes that you see on are legitimate and there are real winners every time. 

Why Would Anyone Give Away Free Stuff?

There are a lot of companies out there who give away free stuff for promotional reasons. 

For example if a company is launching a new product they might give away a certain number of units just to get the word out there. 

Other times companies will give out free products with the hope that you will enjoy the product and then purchase it going forward. 

Some companies simply give out free stuff because they just want some feedback on ways they can improve a product. 

So simply locates all sorts of different freebies and post them on their website for your convenience. 

How Does Make Money?

Since it's free to join Freebieshark and there is nothing for sale on the website a lot of people wonder how they make money because you can tell a lot of work goes into the website and so there must be a payoff. 

I noticed they do have some ads on the website so they're making some money from that but it all depends on how much traffic they get. 

I looked into the traffic that Freebieshark gets using Ahrefs and they're getting roughly 63,000 monthly visitors. 

That's more than enough traffic to make a healthy living from the ads they have placed throughout the website. 

I also read their disclosure policy and it says that they also make money from the Amazon Associates program. 

So don't worry too much about the owner making money, he's doing just fine. 


There is also a section on the website called "Deals". This is a place where Freebieshark has gathered all sorts of items that are on sale. See screenshot below. 

Most of the deals they post are items that are on sale on Amazon and all of the links to the sale items on Amazon are affiliate links so I would imagine that Jason makes a pretty penny from this portion of the website. 

The fact that he's making affiliate commissions from this is genius. I don't have any problem with this because he's making money by helping people save money. It's a win win. 

I actually have a website where I make money from Amazon commissions and it's a fantastic way to make money online. 

It's probably the easiest way to make money online for beginners too. If you're interested in learning how you should have a look here


Then of course there's the coupons. This is about as straight forward as it gets. 

Just click the "Coupons" link at the top of the page and it will bring you to a gigantic list of coupons for all sorts of different items. 

All of the coupons are legit and safe. Just click on the coupon you want and it will bring you to a separate website where you can then print off the coupon for free. 

Not much else to say about it other than it's easy, free and convenient. 

Can I Make Money From

Technically yes you can make money from this website but it's not going to make you rich or even allow you to quit your job. 

The way to make money here would be by entering in the sweepstakes for the pre paid Visa cards. 

This is the only way to actually profit from this website. 

Much like other sweepstakes websites this isn't exactly a way to make a living because the odds of winning aren't great. 

Sure you can get lucky and win sometimes but it's never going to be big enough to become a reliable income. 

If you really want to make money online you're better off getting into blogging or affiliate marketing.

Final Thoughts

So in conclusion, I really like this website. 

I like the simplicity of it. You don't need to sign up for anything or give out any personal information at all. 

You just show up and take advantage of the deals and coupons. 

As for the Freebieshark sweepstakes, I don't usually waste my time with those things because I don't like the odds but if you're into that sort of thing I don't see anything wrong with that. has integrity. There is no scam involved and no BS like I've seen on a lot of websites like this. 

The deals they find are good and useful and easy to access. 

If you have any questions or comments about Freebieshark please use the field below and I'll be sure to respond ASAP. 

Thanks very much for stopping by and have a great day. 



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