Elite Video Evolution 2.0 – Product Review


Name: Elite Video Evolution 2.0 elite video 1

Website: Elitevideoevolution.com

Owner: Ryan Phillips

Price: $9 + Upsells

Score: 68 out of 100









When I first stumbled onto Elite Video Evolution 2.0 I was excited because I have yet to find a good training course that is dedicated to getting traffic from YouTube videos.

I didn’t hesitate to buy this one because I figured I could write a review on it and maybe even learn a little bit about video marketing along the way.

The price of $9 was very reasonable especially for the amount of information in the videos so I was quick to make the purchase before I did any research about the creator Ryan Phillips.

The product is marketed as a way for website owners/internet marketers to drive traffic to their promotions or websites using videos.

As the sales pitch tells us, videos rank really well in google and some say they rank even better than articles so it’s not a bad idea to get started with videos if you haven’t already.

If you’re new to the internet marketing world, you’re probably better off getting trained at Wealthy Affiliate because it’s much better suited to beginners, where as the Elite Video Evolution 2.o training is more for people who already have experience in the IM world.


The Price

 So for $9 you can’t really expect this to be a life changing course, at least that’s the mindset I went into this with.

I’ve taken quite a few online courses over the years and I’ve never really found that you can get great quality for less than $10 but I wasn’t going to judge it based on the price tag.

After the initial purchase there are 2 quick upsells. Here’s the upsells…..

Traffic Flare: This upsell is an extra $17. It consists of 3 extra lessons on driving traffic from different sources.

The three extra lessons are more in-depth directions on how to drive traffic from Facebook, Youtube and Joint Venture partners.

This is probably worth the extra money but it was a slight annoyance for me because I assumed that the original course would have a lot of in-depth information about driving traffic from YouTube.

As it turns out, the main course focuses more on video marketing as a whole and talks about the theory of video marketing rather than the details of leveraging videos for traffic.

Re-seller Rights: The second upsell is for re-seller rights and it costs $47. If you want to promote this course you will have to pay the $47 for the right to do so.

Once you’ve paid the $47 you’ll get your unique affiliate link and you can earn 100% commission for each course you sell. That would be $9 each.

Just to be transparent, I am not an affiliate of this product so I have nothing to gain if you should decide to buy this product.


What’s In The Course

 Once you make the purchase you’ll have access to 9 training videos. The first video is the longest at 50 minutes and it’s pretty much an introduction to the course.

It gives you a foundation for video creation and talks a lot about niche selection.

I found it to be useful but I was a little surprised to see so much emphasis on niche selection because I assumed that this course was designed for people who already have a niche and website set up but are looking to increase their traffic.

The rest of the videos are little shorter but they are all fairly long with a combined total of about 4 hours in leangth. Here are the topics of all the video modules after the introduction.

Killer VSL Scripts – 40 minutes

Video Engagement, Influence and Persuasion – 44 minutes

Professional Presentation creation – 10 minutes 

Swipe and Deploy Presentation – 30 minutes

Professional Video Creation on a Budget – 10 minutes

NLP for Video Presenter’s – 17 minutes

EVE Green Screen – 45 minutes

Google Hangout Traffic – 18 minutes


Four hours of video is a long time. You’ll probably have to go through them a little bit at a time because they move a little slow so you will probably get bored at times.


Ryan Phillips

 The creator Ryan Phillips is in most of the videos but not all of them. I couldn’t find a whole lot of information on him which makes me think he must be pretty new to the internet marketing scene. elite video 2

Being new to the scene isn’t a bad thing.

There are a lot of well known names and faces out there that are known to be associated with a lot of online scams but fortunately Ryan Phillips isn’t one of them.

I liked his over the shoulder teaching style and his clear speaking voice.

He wasn’t completely monotone so the videos didn’t put me to sleep even though they moved rather slowly.

He has actually created a few other products that are mostly geared towards teaching people how to generate fast traffic. Below is a screenshot of some of his other training products.

elite video 3


The Negatives

 The thing I disliked the most about this course is the length of the videos. Sure there is a lot of information in those videos but I still felt like they could have been shorter.

It seemed like a lot of the videos dragged on way too much and it caused me to be very bored.

I suppose they probably did this on purpose to make it easy for beginners to follow along but I think they took it too far which made it difficult to get through them.

I also felt like the videos were not organized well. I was hoping that they would be set up in step-by-step order so that people could follow along and create their own videos with Ryan.

Instead the videos were just a heck of a lot of information spouted out in no particular order. Sure the information was mostly valuable but I think it would be hard for a lot of people to implement it because of the lack of order.

I also didn’t like the fact that this course is not exactly what I thought it would be.

When I purchased it I was under the impression that it would be all about how to drive traffic to your website with Youtube. But that was not the case.

It’s more about how to create a video sales page. Sure it’s still useful but they were a little misleading in their own sales pitch in my opinion.


Final Thoughts

 For the price I thought this was a worth while product. I did learn some valuable information from it but it just wasn’t the information I was hoping to learn when I purchased it.

It is most deffinitely not a scam so you can rest assured you will get a legitimate product if you buy it.

If they could just re-organize it in more of a step-by-step progression, it would be much more helpful.

I also thought they were trying to be helpful for internet marketing beginners but they missed the mark on that one a little.

For people who are new to IM you would be much better off getting trained at Wealthy Affiliate where they do provide you with step-by-step training and they have 1-on-1 support to get you all set up with your own online business.

Thanks for reading my review today. If you have any experience with Elite Video Evolution 2.0 please feel free to leave me a comment in the box below and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP.



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