My Dumb Little System Review – Is It A Scam or Is It For Real?

I was very intrigued when I saw this program for the first time because everything the video says makes sense to me. 

I decided to join to see if it could actually work or if it's just another scam. Here's my Dumb Little System Review. ​

My Dumb Little System Review

Name: Dumb Little System


Owner: Bryan Winters

Price: Free​ + Upsells up to $300

Score: 46 out of 100

Does This Really Work For Beginners?

Dumb Little System, aka DLS is a form of affiliate marketing that according to the creator Bryan Winters is easy for anyone to use, even total newbies.

I’m an experienced marketer and once I joined I was immediately confused by the many different programs he directed me to.

Turns out this isn’t so simple after all. I would not recommend this to anyone unless you have a lot of experience with affiliate marketing as well as a huge email list.

Don’t let the hype fool you, this will not work for beginners. For an opportunity to make money online that beginners can actually succeed at, you’d be much better off starting HERE.


Who Is Bryan Winters?

Bryan Winters is a well known internet marketer who has been making a living online for a long time.

I’ve actually had some experience with him in the past when I joined his program Commission Miner.

I’ve heard mixed things about him. There are people out there who think he’s an honest guy who creates good products but there are also people who say he’s a bit shady.

From my personal experience I would say that although he’s not a complete con artist, he can be quite deceptive.

The reason I say that is because I joined Commission Miner thinking that it was a great idea but after I learned more about it I realized that it was not what I was lead to believe it was.

I was lead astray and of course I didn’t figure this all out until after I paid. Fortunately I got a refund with no issues but you can still understand why I’m slightly skeptical about him.

Another interesting thing about him is that he doesn’t ever show his face. This always makes me nervous as though he has something to hide.


What Is The Sign Up Process Like?

This is a form of affiliate marketing that lets you use ready made sales pages and funnels to sell products that have have been hand selected by Bryan Winters himself.

On the homepage it says it’s 100% free but I assure you that’s not true at all.



So ya it’s free to sign up, but that’s where it ends. To actually follow the steps that Bryan recommends you will have to break out your credit card and spend some money.

In order to make this work you have to actually purchase one of 3 products that Bryan recommends. Here are the products you can choose from.



So this is actually quite clever because once you buy one of these products Bryan will get an affiliate commission from your purchase. It’s a sneaky way to make a commission.

So I chose the 25k Firesale because it’s the cheapest and at this point I’m not feeling very trusting because of the sneaky tricks that he pulled in order to get a sale.

Not to mention the fact that since I bought 25K Firesale I’m now getting automated emails from the creator of that product.

With that being said, I’ll go through with this completely so that I can write an accurate review. So I put my Clickbank Receipt Number in the form and moved forward.

After putting the Clickbank receipt number into the form the screen froze on me.

Then it asked me to login. It said that my login details were emailed to me but I couldn’t find them anywhere.

So I clicked on the “Lost Password” link and attempted to get a new password.

They told me that a new password was emailed to me but it wasn’t. I made sure I gave them the correct email address and kept waiting.

After waiting some time I realized that I wasn’t going to receive my password. So I submitted a ticket to the support center and waited………..For a while.

Update: After 24 hours of waiting I still haven’t received a response from the ticket I submitted to support.

New Update: I finally received my sign in information 3 days later. So I got inside the members area and went through this system.


The System

What I quickly learned is that this process is not really about selling stuff online and making commissions from those sales. It’s more just about recruiting more people to join Dumb Little System.

So if you pass on all the upsells then the only way you can actually make money from this is by recruiting people to this system. Then the people you recruit will have to actually buy one of the three products in order for you to get a commission.

Most people will opt for the cheapest option just like I did because there is no benefit to buying the higher priced option.

The cheapest option is $10 so your commission would be $4.88 each time your recruit buys it. It would take a lot of recruiting to make any sort of money from that small commission.

If your referral purchases one of the upsells like CashBlurbs you won’t make a commission from that but if your referral’s referral buys Cashblurb you’ll then make a commission from that sale.

So in that sense it’s set up a little bit like an MLM, but not completely.

The problem is that there is no way to contact your referrals and help them or encourage them to work hard at this. So you have no control at all what they do. Most of them will probably give up before they even recruit one person.

Directory Of Ezines

The next way to make money from this is through the system they call “Directory Of Ezines” which will cost you $197.


This will give you access to some online magazines and newsletter publishers who have an active subscribers list.

The online magazines and newsletter publishers will then post ads for you (which will cost you money of course). The goal of the ads you post there will be to promote DLS.

Now if you do buy the Directory of Ezines for $197 then you will be able to make commissions anytime one of your referrals also buys it.

Not only that, but you’ll make a commission anytime one of your referrals referrals buy it as well. So it’s a 2 tiered commission product. But it’s slightly more complicated than that.

You only make a commission from your referrals referral if your direct referral does not opt in for the DOE upgrade. The reason being, if your direct referral opts in to DOE then they will get the $90 from their referrals DOE purchase.

Follow? Good.

It’s also a high ticket product because you’ll get paid $90 each time your referral buys it, so there is some money to be made here.


Scheduling Traffic

This is how you get the traffic. Of course you’ll need lots of traffic to your sales funnels in order to actually make sales so this part is crucial.

The way the recommend you get traffic is by using solo ads. Solo ads are when you pay someone else to send out an email to their subscriber list.

This gets very expensive even up into the thousands so be prepared to take a huge monetary risk for this one.

They give you some email templates that you can choose from so you don’t have to really know what to say or how to say it. Here’s an example of one of them.



The main thing I don’t like about solo ads is that you’ll be sending emails to people who didn’t ask YOU for information. So it’s almost like spam in that sense.

I suppose they did sign up to another persons list which means they trusted that person or they don’t really care if they get random sales emails.

Regardless of that, it just doesn’t sit right with me even though it might be somewhat effective.


 Final Thoughts


One of the biggest selling points of this program is that all the tricky stuff is all set up for you so you can start earning money right away.



I’m still confused how this is possible to hardcode your affiliate link into an affiliates funnel. It does sound great to me but I really just think it’s not possible.

I’ve also figured out after some research that a large part of the DLS system is referring others to DLS itself.

I’ve never been a big fan of programs where you pay to join and then once you join the only point of it is to convince others to join. That just isn’t something I could get passionate about or feel good about.

Not to mention the fact that he says you will be making money on autopilot just via the sales that your referrals make.

It’s sounding a lot more like a pyramid scheme the more I learn about it. I’m not saying that it is one, just that it’s trending in that direction.

It just isn’t a sustainable business in my mind. One really important part of having your own sustainable online business is collecting people’s email addresses so that you can keep in contact with them and tell them about new opportunities when they come around.

With DLS you’re not collecting email addresses for yourself, instead you’re simply handing over the collected emails to Bryan Winters.

This might be a way to make some money temporarily but I really doubt it. And even if it is, there will be no future in this. Here’s my final ratings.

My Dumb Little System Review – Is It A Scam or Is It For Real?
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential





An Alternative

There are a lot of alternatives that I would be much more likely to recommend than this one.

Sure he says it’s newbie friendly and he says that you can be oblivious to how it works and still make money from it but I really find that hard to believe.

This program actually reminded me a lot of Commission Miner which I really didn’t like in the end.

As a beginner in the ‘Make Money Online” industry you really should be trying to find the easy way to make money because in reality there are no easy ways.

You’d be better off spending your time on paid survey sites because at least you’d make some money, very little though.

The first step to making money online should be education. You should start to learn about the different ways of making money online and then decide which one suits you best.

There are endless programs out there that can be realistic options. Things like email marketing, binary options, affiliate marketing, Adsense and MLM.

Those are just a few ways to make money online but some of them can be very dangerous because of the numerous scams out there.

Out of all the different ways to start I would recommend affiliate marketing.

The reason affiliate marketing is the best place to start is because once you grasp the concept of it you can then branch out and start earning other ways as well.

There are a lot of different training programs that teach affiliate marketing but the very best one of them all is Wealthy Affiliate.

I recommend it because it’s the exact course that I took when I first started out in the internet marketing world so I know that it works.

It gave me the knowledge to start building my own online business and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any questions, comments or you just want some advice about making money online please don’t hesitate to ask me.

You can use the box below and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP.



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