Dollarnize Review – Is It A Dirty Nasty Scam?

In this Dollarnize Review I'll take you inside the members are so you can see for yourself what it's really like. 

Dollarnize Review

dollarnize review

Name: Dollarnize


Price: Free

Overall Score: 2 out of 100​

Summary: This is a very misleading program and pretty much everything you read on their website is 100% a lie. They claim to pay people to complete simple tasks but they're really just getting your information in a sneaky way. 

Dollarnize Overview

So we’ve all seen what the Dollarnize website looks like and what their sales pitch is but I’ll summarize it for you just in case you missed something.

dollarnize review

It’s a very very simple website that survives on the hopes and dreams of people who want to make money online.

This is a dream that I had for a long time before I finally learned how to do it properly so I can understand how people are feeling when pursuing that dream.

Dollarnize tells it’s visitors that you can make between $50-$100 per day just by completing simple tasks and in some cases even more.

It’s free to sign up and they give you a credit of $25 as soon as you sign up so in a way it feels like they’re paying you just to sign up.

They don’t tell you what exactly the tasks are that you’ll be completing until you actually sign up.

I signed up.

Once inside I saw that there aren’t a multitude of different tasks to complete, there’s actually only one.


The Task

The only task that they want you to complete for money is sending other people to their website. That’s it.

So they give you a link with your own affiliate ID embed into it and it’s your job to share that link with as many people as possible.

According to the website, they’ll pay you $10 dollars for every person that you can get to click that link and go to their website.

The person who clicks your link doesn’t even have to sign up for a Dollarnize account either, they just have to click the link and go to the website and you get $10.


How Do They Make Money?

Anytime I find an online service or program that seems too good to be true I try to figure out how they make money from this.

I do this because let’s be honest, if they aren’t making money then they wouldn’t be doing this. They even seem to understand that people might be curious about this so they come right out with it and tell us how they make money.

According to the website they make money from ads on their website.

So they get people like you and me to send traffic to their website using our affiliate links and then a certain percentage of those people will click on an ad on their website and they’ll get paid from that click.

That all sounds well and good except for 2 problems.

Problem #1 – There aren’t any ads on the Dollarnize website. Weird that there aren’t any ads on the website at all and this is how they claim they make money.

Problem #2 – Even if there were ads on the website there is no way that they would make enough money to be able to pay $10 for each visitor and still turn a profit.

Paid ads only pay out pennies per click so this explanation makes no sense at all.


How They Really Make Money

So I’ve determined that their explanation of how they make money is a lie. There’s just no way that it’s profitable.

With that being said, they must be getting something out of this or the website wouldn’t exist and then it dawned on me. They have my information.

So that’s why they’re doing this. It’s a ploy just to get people’s email addresses and it probably works really well.

So once they have your email address they will start sending you bucket loads of spam.

They’ll send you sales pitches for products that claim to help you make money online since they already know you’re interested in that topic because you signed up for Dollarnize.

They’ll hope to make commissions from sales if you end up buying any of the programs they send you and be aware that the majority of the programs they send you will be scams as well.

Is Dollarnize A Scam?

Yes Dollarnize is a big fat SCAM. There is no truth to anything they say on their website and no matter how much traffic you send them, you’ll never get paid.

So even the $25 credit that they give you for signing up is worthless because they’ll never pay you out even if you did reach the $300 minimum payout amount.

Just take a look at the poor grammar and spelling on the website……



This is just bad. I don’t claim to be a great writer or a master of the English language by any means but even I can tell you that this is complete garbage.

It’s one thing if you have some spelling errors on a blog post or and article but this is on their HOME PAGE.

How embarrassing is that?

When I first saw that I had a pretty good feeling that this program would be crap and my instincts were bang on.


Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that I absolutely hate this fake program and I don’t recommend it.

In fact, I’d recommend you never return to the Dollarnize website again.

It’s a scam that will waste your time and send you nothing but spammy emails that contain more scams. Enough said.

Here’s my final ratings…..

Dollarnize Review – Is It A Dirty Nasty Scam?
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential





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