Chris Farrell Membership – Is It Right For YOU?

chris farrel 1Name” Chris Farrell Membership


Price: $4.95 7 day trial, $37 month after

Owner: Chris Farrell

Overall Rank: 86 out of 100


What Is It?

To put it very simply, the Chriss Farrell Membership is a program designed to help people make money online. That is the goal for anyone who decides to purchase this membership.

It teaches you how to build a website and promote it using lots of different techinques that are know to be effective for getting traffic and making money.

My overall rank for this program is 86 out of 100 and that’s very high for me since I’m extremely strict when I review “Make Money Online” programs. I’m really strict because I want you to trust what I say and that I’m not just trying to sell you anything in order to make money.

Even though I deem this program to be very high quality and very useful for beginners, I still don’t think it compares to my #1 Ranked Program and I’ll get more into the “why” at the end of this review.

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While we’re on that topic I want to make it clear that I’m not associated with the Chris Farrell membership in any way and I have nothing to gain from you buying into it. There are no affiliate links to it on this page at all.



  • I like the fact that they give you a low ($4) trial period
  • the website building templates are easy to use for beginners
  • very easy to cancel at any point and get a refund
  • videos are good quality
  • Chris is a likeable guy and easy to listen to
  • the forum is helpful and active
  • the content is good and acurate
  • the support is pretty good



  • the forum is slightly disorganized making it hard to navigate
  • there are big upsells
  • there is no community asside from the forum
  • there is no live chat
  • Chris isn’t active in the forum or in the support


How Does It Work?

Once you get signed up and into the members area you might be slightly overwhelmed but I think this is normal for a program that is teaching such an in-depth topic.

Making money online isn’t a simple thing to accomplish and there is a lot to learn. I did however find that even though it looks overwhelming, if you follow Chris’ instructions you will know exactly where to start. He also let’s you know that it’s ok to feel lost at first and just take things one step at a time.

This can be very comforting to a beginner.

He does say that this program is good for both beginners and people who are already doing interenet marketing but are just looking to improve upon it. I personally have found that it’s not very advanced and I would consider it to be strictly for beginners.

The videos are very easy to follow and they move at a slow pace so you can follow along with him while you build your website.

chriss farrell 4Chris is in all of the videos which is actually a good thing because he’s very well spoken and articulate. I really enjoyed his teaching style.

He really sets the tone nicely at the start when he tells you exactly what to do if you decide to cancel your membership.

This is a good sign as it shows that he’s confident enough in his program that he isn’t worried about people cancelling.

The first thing you start with is called “21 Days To Success”. He shows you some really basic stuff in this like how the internet works, how search engines work and how websites get traffic. Although this is basic it is important for everyone to hear this.

All the stuff he teaches here is accurate and valuable and he can teach you things that would take you months to learn if you were just researching on the internet by yourself. This is a huge time saver.

Although it is called “21 Days To Success” You can’t expect to be making money that fast, this is a little misleading but I think what he means by success is that you will learn a lot of good stuff in that 21 days.

Personally I didn’t learn a lot from this part of the program because I’ve been doing internet marketing for a long time now and so none of this was new information to me. Again, this is why I think this is more of a beginners program.

Outside of the “21 Days To Success” training there is a lot of other training too. They will go over basic SEO techniques and thoery, Keyword research and video marketing. There is some good stuff in there and a lot of things that every marketer needs to know to be successful.


Tools & Training

Aside from the training videos there are also written manuals and blueprint style guides that will tell you exactly what you need to do and when to do it.

The video training goes over creating your own ebook or other digital products, wordpress wealth, monetizing your site and copy writing.

These are all good resources but it doesn’t appear that they are updated all that regularily. Some of the stuff is a little old and some of it is even slightly outdated but for the most part it is good.

He does do a lot of training on keyword research which is a crucial part of any websites success but I felt it lacked a little bit in this department.

He does all of his research in “broad match” mode which means that the results won’t be acurate at all. He also doesn’t use a very good keyword tool.

There are many different keyword tools but if you use the wrong one it could really be detrimental to your website. i always use Jaaxy for my keyword research because I know it’s the most acurate one and it also has a lot of other great tools that come in handy like a site rank mode.

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Chris doesn’t dive too deep into the SEO topic either which is ok because this is just a beginners program. If you want to learn more about SEO you would have to graduate to a more complete training program.



The support for the Chris Farrell Membership is quite good. I would say far better than average. When you need help with something or you just have a question your first step would be to go to the forum. Most of your questions will get answered there at the forum by either other members or support staff.

The answers are quite fast too. There is also an email address if you want to send a direct message to the staff just in case you have a more in-depth question or maybe you need someone to walk you through something over the phone.

The only way this support would be improved would be if they had a live chat section or maybe if Chris was around to answer some of the questions himself.


final thoughts in wood typeTo wrap up this review I have to say that I like this program. I was impressed with the quality of the training program and I think this would be a pretty good place for a beginner to get their internet marketing career started.

There is a ton of valuable information and most of it is up to date. It most deffinitely is not a scam at all in fact it’s one of my top ranked products and that’s very impressive.

There are a few reasons why it got beat out by my #1 Ranked product. Mainly it was the fact that there was a lack of advanced training.

Anyone who went through all of this training would find themselves needing more training in order to take their business to the next level. Sure it’s a good start but it’s not a complete system.

My #1 Ranked product is called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a complete training program for internet marketing and it’s better than the Chris Farrell Membership in a few areas including……

  • advanced training
  • active community
  • access to the owners
  • slightly more in depth training

Whichever program you decide to start with you will be in good hands. If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate before you decide, click the link below. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be afraid to leave me a message in the box below if you want more information. I’ll respond asap.

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