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Name: Cash Camp cash camp 1


Owner: Michael Solovsky

Price: Free

Score: 12 out of 100



I’ve reviewed a lot of different binary options programs in the last couple of months so I’ve become very good at determining which ones are scams and which ones are for real.

This one is most deffinitely a scam. The Cash Camp scam is really not all that different from most of the others I’ve reviewed. To be honest, I haven’t actually reviewed any binary options programs that I would recommend trying.

Instead of risking your money on binary options I would first recommend you read a little bit about my top recommendation. I do a LOT of reviews on money making programs and so getting my top pick is not easy.

As for Cash Camp, they are basically lying to people about how much money you can make and they are even going as far as making guarantees about earnings. This is a big no no because there is no way they or anyone can guarantee earnings.

If there actually was a program that could guarantee earnings at a rate like they are saying, it would be the most popular program in the world and then soon after it would become illegal. Just not possible.


Binary Options

 There are so many binary option scams on the internet these days that I’m assuming they must be working. There must be a lot of people out there giving their money to these scams and keeping them afloat.

This is something I really want to put a stop to. That’s why I’m here writing these reviews, to help people find legitimate ways to make money online and avoid scams. If I can prevent one person from wasting money on a scam then I’ll be happy.

Binary options themselves are not scams, just a very high risk way to try to make money. They are a very simple form of playing the stock market.

Investing in binary options is a lot like gambling, especially if you aren’t experienced with it. You first pick a stock, commodity or asset to invest in. Once you’ve made your investment, you must then chose a time frame and then try to predict whether the value of your investment will go up or down in your chosen time frame.

The time frame can be as little as 60 seconds, this is part of the appeal of binary options because you can make profits in such a short period of time.

So if you predict correctly, you get your money back, plus an additional 75%. If you guess wrong, you lose all of your money. That’s binary options in a nuttshell. Pretty simple right?


How I Know This Is A Scam

So you’re probably wondering if I have any proof that Cash Camp is in fact a scam. Yes I do have proof. Cash Camp has actually made it very easy on me because they were very lazy when putting together their promo video and they made 1 huge error that gave it all away.

That one error is the video testimonials. Video testimonials are meant to build the trust of prospective customers but in the case of Cash Camp it did just the opposite.

Here is a screenshot of one of the guys who does a great testimonial of Cash Camp.


cash camp 2


If you watched the promo video you probably remember seing him too. He has nothing but good things to say about Cash Camp and he claims that he has been making really good money with it. He even shows you a screenshot of his bank statement.

The problem that I discovered is that this is a totally faked video. I know this because I found this same guy on saying that he will do video testimonials for any product in exchange for money. Have a look at the screenshot I took of him on


cash camp 3


There it is. Proof that Cash Camp tells lies. You don’t even have to take my word for it if you don’t want to. Anyone can go to and look for this guy under the “Video Testimonial” section.

Now it’s been proven that this is a scam and so let’s look back at what else they’ve said that is probably a lie as well.

cash camp 5


They are guaranteeing an average of $1,192 every single day. That is a crazy thing to guarantee and after learning what we learned about the fake testimonials, there is no way I believe this claim.


How Can It Be A Scam If It’s Free?

You might be wondering how it can be considered a scam if it’s free. I’ll tell you……..

They are telling you that they have a software that can predict the outcome of the market. The truth is that there is no software at all. It is 100% a pure lie.

They tell you this lie because it makes them look good by saying they’ll give you something for free. It builds trust and it really is effective. Once they tell people this lie, people feel like they have no reason to be suspicious about them because they aren’t after money.

This is actually a very clever form of deception. Now that they have your trust, they can tell you what to do. So they tell you to go to a binary options broker in order to make use of their “free software”. They give you the name and a link to a specific broker.

The reason they link you to a specific broker is because they will earn a commission from that broker if you make an investment(win or lose).

And that’s the scam. Let’s go over it again just to be clear.

  • They tell you they have a free software that predicts stocks
  • They lie to you about how much money you can make
  • They send you to a specific broker
  • The specific broker has a minimum deposit of $250, so you go for it.
  • They collect a commission
  • You lose your money because there is NO software
  •  To make matters worse, they then add your email address to their list and send you more spam/scams


Final Thoughts

So it’s clear that this is a scam. I can only hope that you made it to my review before you spent money on this.

There is a lot more that I’d like to say about this Cash Camp scam but I don’t want to waste your time because we’ve already come to the conclusion that it’s crap. Here’s my ratings.

Star Rating
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Safety




Moving forward I would recommend that you do a lot of research on any product or program before you spend any money on it at all. I would also recommend staying away from binary options altogether unless you have a professional who you trust helping you.

When you think you’ve found a good program for making money online you need to be careful. One thing to keep in mind is that any legitimate program will allow you to try it out for free with no risk. It’s the shady ones who try to get you to pay up front.

There are a lot of different ways to make money online and some of them really do work but it’s never easy. Anytime someone tells you they have an easy way to make money, they are lying.

I make my living online and I’m telling you that it’s hard work. I’ve put in a lot of time and work and i was lucky enough to have the best training and support available to me.

If you want to learn more about how I make my money online and how you can learn to take the same route to success that I took, you should read about my story in this blog post.

Thanks very much for reading my post today and I hope you found some value in it. Please don’t be afraid to leave me questions or comments in the box below. I always respond personally ASAP.



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Cash Camp Scam – Just Underhanded
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