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Anyone Can Build A Website Nowadays

Its true, anyone can do it. Its not like it use to be. It wasn’t that long ago that you needed to know how to program and write code in order to build a website.

Now, thanks to wordpress and Wealthy Affiliate even the newest newbie’s can build their very own website. Not only can you learn how to build a website but you’ll also be able to turn it into a successful online business.

WordPress is a platform for building websites. Its probably the most used website building platform out there simply because its so easy to use.

What Wealthy Affiliate has done is they’ve teamed up with WordPress. When you sign up for your WA membership you’ll be getting all the help you need with wordpress. Not only that but your wordpress and WA accounts will be connected and you can access both of them from the same sign in, which makes it so easy.

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So with wordpress being the most intuitive website building platform combined with Wealthy Affiliates step by step training, you will experience first hand how easy building a website really is.

Don’t Forget The Best Part

The best part(or at least a great part) of this is that you can start to build a website without paying even a penny. You actually get to design and set up your website for free just to see how you like it. Once you have the foundation of your website set up you can decide if you like it or if you want to move forward with it.

Try the domain search below to see if your favorite domain is available.

If you decide you want to move forward with it then you would benefit greatly from becoming a Premium member.

If you decide you don’t like it or its just not for you, just quit and your done with it. I really don’t recommend quiting for anyone but I just want it to be clear that there is no commitment with Wealthy Affiliate even after you start building a website.


So once you’ve set up your theme, domain name and niche your ready to start adding content.


Content is very important. Through the training at WA you’ll learn all about keywords, SEO and how to get traffic to your website through content.

Writing content is basically the ongoing work. After your website is set up, you mostly just write about your niche. This is why it helps to have a niche that your passionate about or at least interested in because it will make writing a lot easier.

If your concerned because you don’t consider yourself a write or at least not a good one, don’t worry. Its not necessary to be a good writer.

All your doing is communicating. Its just like if you were to tell you best friend about a product or restaurant. You just communicate to them about it and if they trust you, they will take your word.

There are some people who think its better if your not a great writer because that makes it more real. Its more believable coming from someone who is a regular person and not a writer or salesman.




I realise this sounds crazy but its totally true. With the Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress platforms working together all you need to do is choose a domain and follow the instructions and your website will be created in under 30 seconds absolutely free. Click the link below for a quick video showing you how this works.

VIDEO: Watch how a website can be created in under 30 seconds

So we’ve established that building a website is very easy and fast with WA. Now instead of reading what I have to say about it, go check it out for yourself. This could seriously change your life for the better. Click the banner below to be taken to the Wealthy Affiliate page.


Thanks for reading. I hope you give this a chance because it really is a great opportunity and if you take advantage of it you can live the affiliate lifestyle just like me. If you have any questions, comments or feedback I’d love to hear from you, just use the box below to communicate with me.




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