Bring The Fresh Honest Review – Get The Truth

Name: Bring The Fresh


Owners: Kelly Felix

Price: $7 One Week Trial, $89 Lifetime + Up-sells

Who It’s For: Beginners – Advanced

Overall Rank: 81 out of 100


What Is Bring The Fresh ?

I’m writing this Bring The Fresh honest review to help you decide whether or not you should join their program. First I’ll explain what it is in case you’re still unclear on that.

Bring The Fresh is a website designed to help people set up money making, affiliate marketing websites. They have software that makes the process of building a website very easy and it does all the complicated stuff for you.

They offer lots of step by step training that teaches people the process of not only building a website but also getting traffic to it and converting that traffic into sales through affiliate marketing.

Some of the training is written and some of it is through videos and webinars.

The owner of Bring The Fresh is Kelly Felix. He’s a very experienced and well respected individual in the internet marketing industry. He has a good reputation which is a good sign for people interested in joining Bring The Fresh.

Originally they were a subscription program and the cost was $37 per month. This has changed and now you pay $87 and you get a lifetime membership.



  •  There’s a one week trial for only $7
  •  There’s a 60 day money back guarantee
  • Easy to get started
  • It’s very clear what they are selling you
  • Frequent updates
  • Step by step training


The fact that they give you a one week trial for only $7 is quite a good sign. This tells me that they’re confident in their system and they feel that once you try it out you will be happy with it and splurge for the lifetime membership.

 The 60 day money back guarantee tells me the exact same thing. They have no problem refunding your money if you want out. This tells me that they’re not a scam at all. Any respectable business should offer refunds.

Getting started is very easy as they have a “Fast Start Guide” that walks you through process very nicely. There is a very long video done by Kelly Felix himself showing you all around. Although this video is extremely long, it’s very helpful and thorough.

They’re very upfront about what they’re selling. When you go to their website and read about it or watch the introduction video they tell you right away that you will learn to make an affiliate sales website.

This is a good sign as many scams out there are so busy telling you how much money you can make that they seem to “forget” to explain how you’ll be making the money.

A lot of their training gets updated regularily as to keep up with current SEO standards. This is great and really a must for any online internet marketing training.

The step by step training is quite easy to follow and it’s better than most that I’ve seen. For the most part they teach good practices and have expert advice.



  • No free trial
  • Lots of up-sells
  • Forum is a little slow at times
  • Some techniques they promote are questionable
  • Training could be more in depth


Having a free trial is something that very few online businesses do because they feel it’s not worth it. They feel like the amount of money they lose from people trying it and quitting is greater than the amount of money they would make from having people pay only once and quitting.

This is one of the few bad signs that I see with Bring The Fresh because I think that a free trial is the ultimate sign of confindence in your product.

The up-sells are never a nice thing to come across in the online world. I don’t believe that up-sells mean that a business is dishonest or scammy, I just prefer to not have them.

Some of the up-sells Bring The Fresh has is a mentorship package that comes at a very high cost. It’s totally optional but the cost can be upwards of $1000 and to me that’s just a little crazy. I just want to know why they can’t provide their members with everything they need for one straight up price.

The forum is a great idea in theory, but a forum is only as good as the people in it. The forum here is not too bad and there is some decent activity but I wouldn’t say it’s thriving. I’ve seen some comments sit for days without an answer.

With that being said, the owner(Kelly Felix) is sometimes in the forum answering questions for people and that’s great to have access to the owner.

One thing they promote doing with your website is automating article marketing to get backlinks. This is something I have to disagree with. This is a technique that worked well up until recently and now it can actually be harmful to your websites rankings.

The training is very good compared to most. I can’t say very many bad things about the training because most of what they teach is correct and quite easy to grasp for beginners.

They have some very good strategies and the training is good but I think that if someone was completely new and had no clue about internet marketing than this training might not be sufficient enough. I think there are some details left out that could leave a beginner quite lost.


Training & Tools

The “Fast Start Guide” is quite good for getting you off and running. It is a very thorough video and it will get you very well aquainted with the entire program.

They have a great software for setting up your website and you won’t need any experience to get a nice website all set up and running.

They also utilize a lot of webinars for their training. I do enjoy webinars and personally I learn from them very naturally but studies have shown that some people learn better from different forms of education. Depending on your personality type this could be a good thing or a bad thing.

They have a few tools to help with article creation and they are quite helpful. Creating content is a very important part of having a successful affiliate marketing website and so these tools are a great asset.

They also have a few tools that help generate fresh traffic to your website. This is another key element for an affiliate marketing website so these tools are really helpful.

I have to say that I found these really quite good especially compared to most of their competition, although there is still one program that has a few better tools.


What Sort Of Work Will You Be Doing?

is building a website for freeI’m sure you’ve all figured out by now that Bring The Fresh helps you build a website and monetize it with affiliate sales.

This is a great way to make a living from home and it’s actually exactly what I do. I own a fitness website and I make my living from the affiliate sales that my website makes.

Since I already do this I think I’m a good person to tell you about the day to day life of an affiliate website owner.

Personally I work a pretty consistent schedule. I generally work from monday to friday anywhere from 2- 5 hours per day. I like to start work around 9AM after I’ve had breakfast and walked my dog.

My goal is always to add 2 articles to my fitness website per week. I usually start researching a product in the fitness industry on monday and I will spend anywhere from 2-3 hours researching and prepping to write. I make notes and get the outline of my article all set out.

Then I put that asside and I respond to any emails I might have or any comments that have showed up on my website.

Then I usually go through my older articles and tweak them or change them in any way that I think would improve them. That’s my typical monday.

Tuesday I sit down and begin to write the article that I had researched the previous day. This can take anywhere from 1-4 hours. Once I add the article to my website I then get onto all of my social networks and promote that article.

After that I am done for the day. Wednesday is pretty much a repeat of monday and thursday is a repeat of tuesday. So then I have added my 2 articles for the week so I’m happy.

Friday is the day I work on any extra stuff that I want to get done. I have an email marketing campaign for the fitness website and I like to take some time to tweak or improve on that. Also I like to write new emails for the campaign and often I do that on Fridays.

So when you own an affiliate website it is a lot of writing. You should really only own a website about a topic that you have a strong interest in because you will be writing about that topic a lot and if you’re not interested in it you won’t enjoy it and that will show through in your writing.



final thoughts - isolated words in vintage letterpress wood type printing blocks

So I guess it’s time for me to give you my final thoughts on Bring The Fresh. I have to say that I like it. It really is a good program and the training is some of the best in the industry. I think that most beginners could build a successful online business with this program.

Even though I like it and I said the training is some of the best in the industry, it still isn’t quite enough to be my highest ranked product.

I guess the things I didn’t love about it are the somewhat slow forum, the weird up-sells especially the exorbitantly high priced mentorship program. Although I don’t think Bring The Fresh is a scam, I do think that this mentorship is a total rip off.

I also thought the training could be slightly difficult to follow for a newbie. Not too bad, just not as good as the  Wealthy Affiliate training which is the absolute best in the industry.

If you are looking to learn how to start an online business this could be a really good option for you. The $7 trial offer is quite appealing and it might be worth a try. One thing I would say is that you should avoid all of the up-sells. If you really feel like you can’t make your business successful without the up-sells than you should consider a different option.

Thanks very much for reading my review today. I really do care about what you think so please leave me a comment or feedback in the box below. Also if you’re looking for a way to start your own online business you should try my Free 6 Day Guide To Making Money Online.  This is a completely free guide and it will tell you exactly how I got started with my online business. It’s a great place to start and it’s free.



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