At Home Income Package – Another Duplicate Scam

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Name: At Home Income Package


Owner: Unknown

Price: $97

Overall Rank: 13 out of 100



The At Home Income Package tells us that it can help us make up to $379 per day and that we can start making money today.

It doesn’t do a very good job at explaining how this money will be made which is a little bit annoying. I find that a lot of scam programs like to hype up their program by talking about money and showing bank accounts and cash instead of telling us how the program makes us money in the first place.

Although they won’t tell us how we make the money, they do tell us a few techniques we won’t use with this program. Here is a screenshot of some of the things they assure us we won’t have to do.

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I decided to sign up because I was really curious as to how they could claim that I would make easy money with no training or skills.


What Is It?

 Once I signed up they finally explained how I’d be making money. They said that I’d be driving traffic to websites that sell products and I’d earn commissions for this.

They said that there are over 10,000 website that I can use to drive traffic to and that I can start making money today.

Essentially this is affiliate marketing. If you’re not sure what affiliate marketing is, let me explain. It’s a method in which you can promote products using your own unique affiliate link.

Your goal is to get people to click on your link and then buy the product you’re promoting. If you can make that happen, you’ll earn commissions.

In essence it’s a legitimate way to make money online. In fact, affiliate marketing is one of the ways I make money online so I know first hand that it works.

The problem is that At Home Income Package is giving us inacurate information. For one, it’s not possible to make money from affiliate marketing on your first day. It requires a lot of work and effort to get going and most people don’t make any money for a few months.


red flags


I saw a lot of red flags with this program and it’s more than enough ammo to tell me that this is program is a scam.

The Company Logos – They’re using all these company logos like Google, Youtube, Yahoo, ABC, CNN and NBC as a way to convince people they’re legitimate.

Then at the bottom of the page under the disclaimer, they tell us in very small print that they are not actually associated with any of these companies. This is really misleading and a dishonest way of trying to gain trust.

Security Logos – They are using the Verisign Secured and Mcafee Secured logos but they aren’t clickable. Anytime you see these logos you should try to click them. If they are legitimate you’ll be able to click them. This is another trick they’re using to gain trust.

Voted #1 – They’re using an image that says they are voted #1 in many publications.

a 111

This is such a horrible tactic to gain trust. Anyone can get images like these on their websites and the only thing they tell me is that this company is willing to lie to get your money.

Limited Space –  They say that there are only a limited number of spots available. This is a total lie because any business wants to sell as much as possible so they would have no reason to have limited space. They only say this as a way to rush people into signing up.

Duplicate Site – This is very similar to another scam site I’ve seen before. Check out the pictures below.

at home 2

at home

As you can see they look very similar to each other. In fact they have the exact same header just with a different name on it. This is an obvious sign that this is a scam.

Often times websites will have multiple websites that are basically the same scam but with a different name. This way if people discover that one website is a scam they might still fall for the other one. Very shady.

Fake Testimonials – They’re using fake testimonials.  I found the exact same testimonial on their other website just with the name changed. Check it out below.

at home 4

There you have it, caught red handed once again. Only a true scam would do this.


Final Thoughts

 So I think I’ve shown you more than enough evidence to convince you that this is a scam. They are the worst kind of programs but unfortunately the internet is full of these scams.

The only reason I gave them 13 out of 100 instead of 0 is because they are using the idea of affiliate marketing which I think can be a great way to make money online when done right.

The reason I like affiliate marketing as a way to make money online is because anyone can do it with the right training. Not only can anyone do it, but you can build an affiliate marketing business around products that you have a passion or interest in.

So if you have a hobbie or interest that you know a little bit about, you could turn that into your own affiliate marketing business. I always think that you have a better chance at success if you’re passionate about what you’re doing.

The key is to get trained by a qualified program. The best training program to learn affiliate marketing is without a doubt Wealthy Affiliate.

Learn About Wealthy Affiliate Here

Thanks very much for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed my review. Hopefully you read this review before you spent any money on At Home Income Package. If not, try to get a refund from them ASAP.



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