Are The Automated Paydays Members Doing Well ? My review

Name: Automated Paydays auto paydays 1


Owner: Jamie Shaw

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100



The Automated Paydays members will be the first people to tell you how great it is. They write positive reviews about it and have nothing but amazing things to say about this product.

I’ve read a lot of great things about it and so I was really curious to find out more. I joined this program for the sake of this review and I dug deep into the training so that I could give you all an honest and well informed review.

Basically this is a program that people buy if they’re looking to start an online business. More specifically, an affiliate marketing website. This program provides you with video and text training courses that are supposed to help you make a full time living from a website.

I’ve been a part of a lot of online courses that are meant to teach affiliate marketing so I was very keen to get into this training to see what it’s all about.

So is it as great as all these reviews are saying? Well, in short, NO it isn’t. Not even close. I really can’t say that I like this product so keep reading to find out why.


What I Didn’t Like

So the program initially provides you with 3 steps to complete. The problem is that setting up an online business requires so many steps and the 3 that they are telling you about don’t even scratch the surface.

One of the steps they give you is, “Get your site set up”. If you tell that to someone who is new to internet marketing they will be completely lost. There is a lot involved in getting a site set up and if your new to this, you won’t have a clue what to do.

Beginners really do need to be taken by the hand and guided through with baby steps. Now there are programs out there that will do just that but for now, let’s just finish this review.

So the courses need to go into way more detail and break it down so that beginners won’t get lost. It would actually be great if they had videos show them building a website so you could look over their shoulder and copy the steps they take.

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I also didn’t like the techniques they were teaching. Sure some of them were ok even though they lacked detail but most of the techniques are just way too outdated.

This program was developed in 2012 and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been updated since then. This is a huge problem because Google has updated their algorythm many times since then. That means that the tactics they teach to get traffic to your website are not only useless but probably even harmful to your website.

I really doubt anyone could get a decent amount of traffic to their website using these techniques.


Why Are There So Many Positive Reviews??

So after some more research I figured out why there are so many people writing good reviews about this product online. It’s because they have an affiliate program so people can actually make money by referring others to Automated Paydays.

This was a huge red flag for me. I’m not saying that any program that offers affiliate commissions is bad. It’s just that when there is a combination of a bad product with affiliate sales than it makes it almost a scam because for unsuspecting people this can be very misleading.

Then when people sign up for this program they find out that instead of promoting a product they’re interested in or passionate about, they have to promote the very website that mislead them. That’s no fun.

passion in life


So I don’t want to ramble on about how much I hate this product but I have to tell you everything I know otherwise this review won’t be complete.

Another reason I dislike this program is because a lot of the content is obviously PLR content. That means that it’s provate label rights content. Pretty much that just means that Jamie Shaw didn’t create most of this content himself. He most likely went out and bought a bunch of generic courses online and packaged them all together to re-sell.

This is pretty bad and very misleading. If I was paying someone to teach me how to  build a successful online business I would hope that they know what they’re doing. If they know what they’re doing then they wouldn’t need to go buy other people’s courses, they could just create their own.

So I guarantee you that if people knew this little fact before purchasing, most people would run for the hills. I know for sure I would.

It became very obvious to me that this was PLR content when I started going through the training and there was a lot of the same information but just writted a little differently.

Also the lessons were not in a very logical order. It’s like he tried to place them in an order that made sense but he couldn’t because they weren’t meant to go together so there is no order that makes sense.


What I liked

 There is very little that I liked about this program. The only real positive thing that I can say about this program is that it talks about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make money online especially for beginners. In my opinion it’s the best place to start as a beginner. Unfortunately a lot of people who puchased this are going to leave thinking that affiliate marketing is not a good thing.


What Now?

Now that I’ve determined this is a bad product, your probably trying to figure out what to do now. If you are truly interested in making money online than I can point you in the right direction.

There is a training program that teaches affiliate marketing with step-by-step courses specifically designed for beginners. It’s the perfect place to learn and start your online business but it’s a lot of work so you need to be willing to put in time and effort. There is no easy way to make money.

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