AffiliateU Review – Tim Schmidt’s Epic Masterpiece

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I started this AffiliateU Review with the mindset that it was over hyped and overpriced but it didn't take me long to see that I was dead wrong. 

Before I bought the course I kept on hearing about Tim Schmidt and AffiliateU so it eventually lead me to do more extensive research which helped me come to terms with buying it. ​

I finally bit the bullet and decided to buy it but not just so that I could write a review on it but also because I thought that I could probably learn a few things from it. 

AffiliateU Review

Name: AffiliateU


Owner: Tim Schmidt

Price: $997

Overall Score: 96 out of 100​

Summary: Tim Schmidt has created this course to teach affiliate marketers how to super charge their online businesses. You don't need to have a lot of experience to benefit from this course but you should probably have the basics of WordPress down at the very least. For total beginners this course might be too advanced and in that case you should try this instead. 


Intro To My AffiliateU Review

I’m sure you’ve already seen the sales page and the video of Tim telling us his story. So you already know that one of his big selling points is what he calls, “Persona Hacking”.

As it turns out persona hacking is a big part of why he claims Affiliate University or AffiliateU is so effective.

Although this course primarily teaches affiliate marketing, the persona hacking is simply a technique he uses in order to convince people to buy things.

He basically says that if you join AffiliateU you’ll have an unfair advantage in the world of affiliate marketing.

Although the sticker price was a bit shocking, I had heard enough good things about Tim Schmidt to take the plunge and buy the course.

Right after I made the purchase I was taken to a new page with an upsell. I’m not the biggest fan of upsells but this one was particularly hard to swallow given that I had just shelled out close to $1000.



A lot of programs use upsells as a way to make extra money. This one was for what he calls the “Masters Program” and it’s a monthly membership program for $97/month or $997 annually.

If you’re interested it sounds like a pretty exclusive membership. You would get more one-on-one time with Tim, lots of new webinars, the ability to collaborate with high level alumni of AffiliateU and more.

In addition, Tim would go over your website with a fine tooth comb and tell you exactly how to make it better. It does seem pretty sweet and they’re only allowing a limited number of members so act fast if you want this.

Personally I passed on this but maybe I’ll try it out later on if it’s available. As for now I want to focus on the main AffiliateU course for the purpose of this review.

One thing that really surprised me when I bought this course is how involved Tim actually is.

He doesn’t just sell the course and then leave you be. He’s working on it everyday, he’s present in the Facebook group and he always makes himself available to you if you need help.

Not only that but he goes out of his way to ask you if there’s anything he can do for you. It’s obvious that the success of his members is his top priority.

Before I forget, here’s the welcome message I received upon signing up.



Members Area

Once you get inside the members are you’ll see that it’s actually really simple. I like the fact that it’s not overly complex or hard to navigate.

There’s a simple menu and dashboard with the following options.


There’s a brief welcome message basically letting us know that they have a private Facebook group where you can go if you ever need help with anything.

Then it informs us that the navigation menu is in a specific order so we should start at the beginning and work our way through it, so that’s exactly what I did.

One thing to mention before we get started is that this entire AffiliateU training is done with video. Not much if any text so hopefully you like video training. fortunately I do.


Who It’s For

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of what’s inside this course I wanted to give you my thoughts on who this course would really benefit because even though it’s a great course, it’s not for everybody.

First of all if you’re a total beginner, this isn’t the right place to start. Tim just doesn’t hold your hand and walk you through things step by step.

It’s more of an advanced class that covers stuff that newbie’s just simply won’t understand. As a newbie you’d be much better off starting here.

I would recommend this course for anyone……..

  • who is already an affiliate marketer
  • who has prior experience in affiliate marketing
  • who has wordpress experience
  • who has internet marketing experience
  • who has experience running a blog or website

Now you don’t need to have all of those covered but even if you fall into just one of those categories, you’ll find this course is just what you need and you should sign up ASAP because it will help you make more money, faster.


What’s Different About Tim Schmidt’s Teaching Style?

The teaching style of Tim Schmidt is completely different than any other person I’ve ever seen.

I think the easiest way to describe him is that he’s REAL.

He’s a real person and he’s just telling you and showing you how to speed up the process of making money online through affiliate marketing.

He’s not a phony or a fake, there is no bullshit or fluff here. After a few lessons you’ll feel like you know him and you’ll probably even feel like he’s a friend.

I have to admit that my first impression of him wasn’t great.

I thought he came across a little bit arrogant. Shit I feel stupid now because I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Tim is down to earth and he really does care about every single person that goes through his training.

He’ll answer your questions personally and he’ll take the time to help you if you’re stuck. He’s committed the AffiliateU and he’s working on it every day.



Module 1: Orientation

In the orientation section there’s a 7 minute video where he welcomes us and let’s us know what to expect.

In this video he tells us that it’s really important to watch all the videos all the way through because there is some really important information that you could miss if you skip anything.

He also goes on a rant about how this is not an SEO course. That’s about it. Then below that there are two more videos in this module.


Course Syllabus (12.5 minute video)

This is a 12.5 minute video just outlining what the course will entail and what we should expect.

Nothing too crazy but it’s a good idea to watch this video in order to fully understand what to expect with this course.


What Is Affiliate Marketing? (6.5 minute video)

In this video Tim shows us an example of a website that makes money mostly from affiliate marketing.

It’s a fitness website and I think it’s a great example of what you can do with affiliate marketing.

I’ve written articles where I show examples of affiliate marketing websites too because for people who are new to this, seeing it first hand can really clear up any confusion.

I have to admit that Tim is pretty entertaining to listen to. He’s a real talker and he just seems like a fun guy to hang out with.

He’s constantly explaining that he’s starting out with the basics so that beginners can follow along and if you’re more advanced you could skip ahead but he doesn’t recommend that.

He does a really good job of explaining what affiliate marketing is and why it’s his favorite way to make money online.

I have to agree with him there. I also love affiliate marketing.

See where I learned affiliate marketing as a total newbie!

Module 2: Choosing Your Major

This module consists of 6 videos and it’s all about…..yup you guessed it, choosing your major or in other words your niche.


Private Affiliate Progams (17 minute video)

This is a great tutorial explaining to us why private affiliate programs are great and how to find them.


Basically Tim just turns his screen over to Google and he starts typing in a few products and tries to find public affiliate programs.

He shows us a few good options and a few bad options and it’s kind of interesting just hearing his point of view. You can tell that he has a lot of experience and he knows what he’s talking about.


Public Affiliate Programs (21.5 minute video)

This video is pretty similar to the last one in the sense that he just explains what a public affiliate program is and then he shows us some examples.

He really does talk a lot which is actually okay because he’s entertaining to listen to and he does give out a lot of great information.

I could see how this video might leave a beginner feeling a little lost and confused though since he really just talks and talks and he uses a lot of lingo and jargon that you wouldn’t be familiar with as a beginner.

He takes us through some big public affiliate programs and shows us around and shows us how they work.

He doesn’t say that either private or public networks are better but he tells us the pros and cons of each.


Declaring My Major – Finding A Niche (6 minute video)

Obviously here he talks about finding a niche but to be honest I thought it was a little thin.

I’ve written articles about niche selection that are way more in depth than this. I suppose if you’re experienced in this industry you don’t really need help finding a niche.

But if you’re brand new to this you’ll want to see some better training on this topic but there is a second video on niche selection so lets just hope the next one is more detailed.

He does show us an example of a niche site that he’s building called so at least people can see one in the early stages of development.


Finding A Niche – Part 2 (18.5 minute video)

In this video he goes a little further into the niche selection process. He is extremely relaxed about the way he teaches which is kind of refreshing.

It’s almost like you’re sitting there hanging out with him. The negative side to it is that it doesn’t really seem like he plans his lessons. It’s almost like he just sits down and talks while surfing the net.

Either way, there is some good info here. He basically tells us that we should try to focus on a topic that we’re passionate about.

That’s a very important point and it’s the exact same thing that I tell people when they ask me about niche selection.


Analyzing The Competition – Part 1 (16.5 minute video)

In this video Tim surfs around the Google SERPS and looks at a few websites that are competing with his “Things Men Buy” website.

He just talks about the pros and cons of different websites and tell us what to look for.

Then of course he says that we’ll want to try to improve on what the competition is doing.


Analyzing The Competition – Part 2 (19 minute video)

This is very similar to the Part 1 of this section. He just goes through Google and looks for competition and analyzes them.

He tells us the pros and cons.


Module 3: The Library

As I’m writing this review module 3 has 9 lessons. The lessons mainly consist of tips for how to set up your website in terms of design and content.


WordPress Site Plugins (12 minute video)

This is a pretty helpful video where Tim shows us what plugins he uses on his website.

He goes through each plugin and tells us why he likes it.



Social Icons (4.5 minute video)

This is a pretty simple and straight forward email where he talks about the importance of social icons.

Obviously social icons are a great way to get more followers on social media but Tim says that they also make your website look way more legit and so you’ll build instant credibility very easily.


Creating A Voice – Part 1 (11 minute video)

This is an interesting video. This is the first time he really goes into detail about creating a persona.

He just talks about the fact that your readers should know who you are or at least think they know who you are.

He even says that you can create a fake persona with stock images. This isn’t something that I would ever do because it’s a little dishonest but I guess if you’re afraid to show your own face online that would be an option.


Creating A Voice – Part 2 (13 minute review)

In this lesson he goes a little deeper into the “Creating A Voice” tactic.

He talks a lot about the “About Us” page and the importance of it. He also recommends having other people write testimonials on your website to build credibility.

Some good stuff here.


Blogging (10 minute video)

In this video he covers some of the basics of blogging like the difference between a page and a post.

He shows us an example of a post that he wrote and he explains why he wrote it and how it will help his website.

He really drives home the point that it’s great for the website to publish regular posts because it will bring in traffic and it will improve your sales.


Autoposting From WordPress To Twitter (7.5 minute video)

In this video he shows us a plugin that you can use to automatically post your new website content to Twitter without having to do it manually.

He shows us how to install the plugin and how to use it.

It’s a pretty cool plugin but I’m fine with posting my content manually…..for now.


Mergewords Tool – Guest Video By Brad Smeltz (5.5 minute video)

As the title suggests this video isn’t done by Tim Schmidt. It’s a guest video done by Brad Smeltz.

It’s a nice and short video that gets straight to the point. He shows us a website called Mergewords where you can find different combinations of keywords without much effort.

It’s pretty neat and I’ll probably get some use out of it myself.


Using The Moz Bar To Assess Your Competition (12 minute video)

This is another video done by Brad Smeltz. He shows us how to use the moz bar to spy on our competition.

This allows us to see who is ranking for specific terms and how much page authoriry each of those competitiors has.

This is helpful because then we won’t waste our time trying to rank for keywords that we have no hope of ranking for.


As you can already see, this is a really long review. If you’re looking to skip to a specific section you can scroll to the top of this page and use the table of contents.

If you’d rather just see what my final thoughts are you can just scroll right to the bottom of the page.

Furthermore if you’ve heard enough and you want to see the only “make money online” program that rated higher than AffiliatU then you can click right here to see it now!



Keeping It Real (1o minute video)

Tim is back behind the camera for this video and I’m happy about that because he’s a bit more entertaining than Brad Meltz.

I took a screenshot of what the lessons look like inside the course.


As you can see Tim is there in the bottom right of the picture. This is how all the lessons look.

Tim talks more about persona hacking here. His big point here is just to be yourself and don’t write like you’re a robot.

You should write your content just the way you would if you were talking to a friend. Don’t be afraid to be funny or witty or just goofy. As long as you’re being yourself because that will separate you from the competition.

Some useful info here yet again.


Module 4: Off Campus

This module covers things outside of your website. He shows us how to use Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Istagram and Web 2.o’s in order to get more traffic.




YouTube (25 minute video)

I really enjoyed this video. It seems like Tim has an interesting take on YouTube. His attitude about it is just so relaxed that it gives me a lot of hope for anyone out there looking to use YouTube for traffic generation.

He doesn’t get all technical or show us SEO tips, instead he just basically tells us to start putting YouTube videos up because it can only do good.

In my earlier days I was pretty intimidated at the thought of making YouTube videos but had I seen this lesson back then, I would have started way earlier.


Twitter – Part 1 (18 minute video)

This is a pretty helpful video where he shows us the right and wrong ways to use Twitter in order to generate traffic and hopefully sales.

He walks us through how he uses the huge following of big companies to build his own following. Good stuff.


Twitter – Part 2 – Follow Up (3 minute video)


A very brief video showing us how to interact on twitter and how to get followed and retweeted by relevant people and brands.


Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram (12 minute video)

Just a quick rundown of how to use these social media outlets in a way that will help your website. Basically it helps build your brand, it gives you backlinks and it might help you reach some customers.


Web 2.0’s (11 minute video)

This was a really interesting lesson because I hadn’t heard of Web 2.0’s before watching this video.

Tim uses some really good logic to explain why web 2.0’s are good for a website and I’ll most definitely be going out and doing this soon.


Module 5 – Advanced Classes

I’ve finally made it to the advanced classes and I’m really excited to dive into them because what I’ve seen so far in the previous lessons has been really impressive.

I’ve learned a lot already so I can only imagine that I’ll learn even more in the advanced classes.

I probably won’t go into as much detail in terms of what’s in these lessons because if I did this review would end up being like 10,000 words and nobody wants that.

Instead I’ll just do a broad paraphrase of what the advanced classes entail. Here are the topics covered.


  • Guest Video on CPA Marketing Strategy By Alex Gould

  • Google News and Alerts

  • User Engagement

  • SEM Rush

  • Disclaimers and Rankings Charts

  • Expert Status

  • Holiday Hacks

  • Email Gathering 1 (Ninja Pops)

  • Email Gathering 2 (Ninja Pops, Follow Up and Demo)

  • Seal Of Approval and SEO Benefits

  • Welcome Your Guests

  • Proof of Purchase

  • Exact Match Domains

  • Best Keywords For Conversions

  • Commission Hacking

  • Organic Trend Spotting

  • Author Hacking

  • Verify Your Brand

  • Purpose Of Posts

  • The Interview

  • Site Analysis #1

  • Site Analysis #2

  • URL’s and Titles

  • Writing For Credibility

  • Negative Reviews

  • Costa Rica Example


So as you can see he covers a ton of information here. I went through every single bit of training here and I really did learn a lot.

It’s really incredible how much useful stuff there is here and that’s coming from someone who is already making good money online.


Final Thoughts

After finally completing the entire course I have to say that I was really impressed. If you’ve read a lot of my other reviews you’ll know that I don’t give out very high scores too often.

In this case I was more than happy to give this course a 95 out of 100 because it truly does deserve it.

AffiliateU Review – Tim Schmidt’s Epic Masterpiece
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential




Tim’s training is top notch and his techniques are not only unique but also effective.

I guess before you buy this course you need to know exactly what it is you want.

If you want to make money online no matter how much hard work or time it takes then you would probably benefit from this course.

With that being said, you might struggle with this if you don’t have any experience at all with internet marketing. If you’ve never built a website before or you’re nervous about the technical side of it then you might want to look elsewhere.

For total beginners I always recommend starting with Wealthy Affiliate because they really hold your hand through each and every step so even someone who is computer illiterate can figure it out.

Not only that but a Wealthy Affiliate membership is much cheaper at only $19 for the first month and they even offer a free trial.

So it’s a lot less risky but the training is just as good. To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and the free trial click right here.

As for AffiliateU, I would say that this is ideal for anyone who already has a website set up but just wants to improve sales.

Maybe you’re getting sales but you’re not totally satisfied and you want to ramp it up, this would be a good option for you.

Or maybe you’ve built other websites before but never tried affiliate marketing, then you’d probably be able to find success with this course.

In any case, Tim Schmidt is trustworthy and he’s built an awesome course. His take on affiliate marketing is pretty unique and I really enjoyed going through the course.

I never thought that I’d find an affiliate marketing training program that I liked as much as I like Wealthy Affiliate but thanks to Tim Schmidt, I have. Below are my links to both courses if you’re interested in buying them.

Join Wealthy Affiliate!

Join AffiliateU!

If you have any questions or comments about it please don’t hesitate to use the box below and I’ll be sure to respond to you ASAP.




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