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Name: 10K In 7 Days10k in 7 days

Website: www.10kin7days.co

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The 10K in 7 Days website is very simple. Once you get there you will see a big headline saying that they will be giving away $10,000 to people in (whatever your country is) Canada in my case.

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Then the video automatically starts. The promo video is really bad in my opinion. It starts of by telling you that they will be giving away 10K to 25 lucky people and that if you don’t join soon, you’ll miss your chance.

Then he starts talking about how much money he makes by telling you all the expensive things he buys and that he travels around the world with playboy models “partying his skull” off. This is all in very poor taste if you ask me.

I’m instantly annoyed by this but sadly this tactic is probably sort of effective for some people.

The guy speaking sounds really weird. It almost sounds like it’s not even a real person talking, like it’s a computer generated voice, really doesn’t sound natural and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s not even a human.

Then of course in very predictable fashion he shows some screenshots of hi bank account showing that he made $59,000 in his last month. This is totally bogus and these bank statements are very easy to manipulate.

10k in 7 days

There are just way too many signs that this is either a scam or just really misleading. I can’t see this being a good way to make real, consistent and stable money. If you’re looking for that, you should look at my #1 Ranked Product.


So What Is It?

The video doesn’t really give any good facts or information about what the product is it just talks about money and being rich, it’s really pathetic. I had to join in to find out what they actually do.

After heading into the members area I learned a little more about what it is they are offering. They are basically a broker for binary options.

Binary options are very short term investments that are sometimes 1 minute and sometimes 5 minutes, you can choose whatever length of minutes you want.

You choose a comodity of stock and you pick whether the value of it will go up or down in the chosen amount of minutes. If you’re right, you get your money back plus a little extra and the broker gets a cut. If you’re wrong you lose your money.

This is really just a form of gambling. The markets are so volatile that you are really just guessing and you have a 50/50 shot. There are always some people who say they can make an “educated” guess and have a better chance of getting it right but in the end it’s still just a guess.

What 10K In 7 Days is saying is that they have developed a sofware that automates the process of selecting for you and making the decision for you. They say that this software is so specialized that it is correct far more often that it is incorrect.

I really don’t believe this. There is no way they have any software that knows any better than the rest of us. All it does is select randomly and loses your money probably even faster that you would if you were making the decisions.

Unfortunately they draw you in with huge hype and empty promises.

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This is what I really hate about these binary options scams because they really tap into the greed or desperation of the people. There are a lot of people who need/want to make a lot of money.

Maybe it’s to support a family or maybe it’s to get out of debt but whatever the reason is, these scams are just making people’s lives worse off. I really feel sorry for people who are willing to risk their hard earned money for a chance at making a little more.


Is This Legal?

Well this all depends on where these brokers are located. If they are located in a countries where they have lots of restrictions and specific guidelines that they must abide by then it’s usually ok.

The ones within these countries are a little better because they can’t legally lie to you or mislead you in order to get you to start risking your money.

The problem is that a lot of these shady ones are located outsite of the areas where you are legally required to have disclaimers. Therefore they can say pretty much anything they want in order to get you to start risking your money. This is what you have to look out for.

A good honest brokerage should have a disclaimer and they will usually be the first ones to tell you that this is a risk and they will never guarantee that you will make a certain amount of money or any money at all.

My Verdict: Stay Far Away From This Scam

What Now?

Well there are legitimate ways to make money online. I’ve reviewed a lot of different online money making products and I’ve tried a lot of them out myself too.

After years of experience and wasting money on different scams I’ve learned how to spot the scams and how to spot the legitiimate programs.

If you are willing to work and learn then you might be in a good position to try my #1 Ranked Program. It’s a very high quality training program that teaches you how to make money from affiliate marketing.

I personally think that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online especially for beginners because it’s simple and sustainable. You can really turn it into a full time career and make good money.

With affiliate marketing you can take something you’re inerested in or passionate about and start making money from it. Not only that but you can do it full time ir part time, whatever suits you best.

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10K In 7 Days – Just Not Smart
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