100 Ways To Make Money At Home – A Jaw-Dropping List

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I think we’d all be hard pressed to think of someone we know who doesn’t want to make more money. I’m not saying that money rules our lives, I’m just saying that we’d all love to have a little extra money to spend.

I also think that being able to make money at home is very desirable because of the lifestyle it provides. For that reason, I decided to come up with a list of 100 ways to make money at home in an attempt to help some of you make a few extra bucks.

There really is something for everybody out there but if you want to make consistent, sustainable money from home, your best option is Right Here.

Now for the list, in no particular order……


1. Garage Sale



Not exactly the most creative or original idea but we all know it works for making a few quick bucks.

 2. Sell Your Stuff On Ebay




If you have any computer skills at all you should be able to figure this out. It’s a much larger market than a garage sale.



3. Paid Surveys

survey savvy reviews


I’ve reviewed a lot of survey sites and there are some decent ones out there.




4. Become An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing flowchart


This might require some training but there are some great training programs that teach affiliate marketing. If you are willing to put in some work, you could actually get rich from this. Click here to learn how.

Not only that but you can make this work full-time or part-time.





5. Drop Shipping


Delivery: Man Delivers Fragile Package

This is a neat way to sell stuff without having to physically handle it. I still prefer affiliate marketing.


6. Start A Blog

3d man reading a blog


If you don’t mind writing a lot this can work. It takes time but there are many different ways you can monetize it. If you’re interested in learning to do this I would recommend this training program.


7. Start A Website

is building a website for free

Again this would require some legitimate coaching but there are a lot of good training programs. Click here for my top recommendation.




8. Writing For Websites

Working on Laptop Computer

If you have even basic writing skills you can do contract writing for people. Places like fiverr.com can connect you with people who are hiring.





9. Graphic Design

Woman drawing sketches on computer in fashion design studio


If you have graphic design skills you can get hired on websites like fiverr.com




10. Using Search Engines

is swagbucks a scam


Yes there are actually search engines that will pay you to use them. Of course you could never make enough to live off of this alone.


11. Email Marketing

E-mail marketing puzzle


There are training programs that teach beginners how to make money from this. It can take a lot of time but can pay off generously in the long run. Learn how here.


12. Webcam Acting

business man - online conference

You can be a contract actor. Websites like fiverr.com can connect you with people looking to hire actors for short videos. Usually it’s to do testimonials of products.


13. Watch Videos

Youtube - Gangnam Style


There are websites like Swagbucks.com that will actually pay you watch youtube videos and “like” them. This is not very lucrative however.


14. Sell Your Junk Mail

junk mail on laptop screen


There are market research companies that want your junk mail. Just forward it to them and they’ll give you credits which can be exchanged for cash deposited into your paypal account. Small amounts of cash I might add.


15. Download Apps

Smartphone with cloud of application icons


There are research companies that will pay you to download an app to your device. The apps gives them access to what happens on your phone and collect data to help understand web usage.


16. Rent Your Clothes

woman chooses clothes in the wardrobe closet at home


If you have some nice things in your closet(perhaps a wedding dress) there might be people willing to rent them from you. This is cheaper than buying for people and you get to keep your clothes too.


17. Couponing

Fake coupons with Scissors


We all get hoards of coupons sent to our homes. If you learn how to use them properly you can save so much money that it almost becomes profitable.

18. Lose Weight

lose weight



There are website where you can place a wager on your ability to lose weight. If you’re confident that you can do it then you could make some money from this.


19. Sell Your Books

Stack of books isolated on the white


There are websites and apps that will pay you for your used books. One app even has a barcode scanner that will tell you exactly what your book is worth.


20. Become A Transcriptionist

Frowning manager reviewing secretary's work


There are websites that will pay you to be a transcriptionist and the pay isn’t all that bad. To do this you must be ok with doing mind numbing repetitive work.


21. Test Websites



You can get paid to be a website tester. There are websites out there that will pay to have the general public use their websites and give their opinion on them. There is one company called User Testing that does this.


22. Be In A Focus Group

pro opinion

There’s a website called Pro Opinion and they’ll pay you to take part in focus groups.


23. Watch TV

reward tv


So there’s a website called RewardTV.com and they’ll pay you to watch tv. Well, kind of. They will pay you to take part in quizzes that are all about tv shows from the previous night. It’s not great money but it might help pay your tv bill.

24. Work For Amazon

amazon hits



Amazon Mecanical Turk will pay you to complete small tasks online. Sure this won’t pay very well but it does pay real money and the tasks are super easy.


25. Sell The Pictures From Your Phone



Foap.com will pay you for the pictures on your phone. Well it’s not quite that easy, the pictures have to be good but you don’t need to be a proffessional photographer to qualify.


26. Fix iphones and ipads



Learning to fix iphone and ipad screens on youtube is easy. Put and ad in the classifieds saying you can do this and you could make some decent money.


27. Spray Tanning Business


Quick tanning

People will pay pretty good money for spray tanning and you can easily set it up in a room in your house. It doesn’t require very much equipment and it’s a skill that anyone can learn easily.


28. Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Even if you don’t already have training in massage therapy you can go to your local college and get certified. This is a great little business that can be set up in your home.


29. Sell Your Art



If you have artistic talent then you really should be taking advantage of the internet. There are countless places you can sell your art.


30. My Email Mentor gives you $100 right away

my email mentor scam


This “Make Money Online” Opportunity is free to join and they actually give you $100 the very moment you sign up. The catch is that you can’t cash out until you’ve made $400 which in turn makes them money but still this is free money. That being said, there are plenty of better ways to make money online even though this sounds easy.


31. Online Personal Trainer



If you have experience as a personal trainer but you now need to stay home for whatever reason, you can do the same thing online. Websites like fitorbit.com are connecting trainers with clients and it’s all done virtually.


32. Write a course and sell it on Udemy



Udemy is a place people go when they want to learn about a specific topic. If you have some valuable knowledge, you could make it into a written lesson or video lessons and sell it here. The great thing is that once it’s made, your work is done and if you have a hot topic, you could get rich from it.


33. Make crafts and sell them on Etsy



You can make a name for yourself if you have the ability to make crafts. You can sell them on Etsy.com and make a solid living from it.


34. Name Businesses

name force


Websites like Namingforce.com holds contests to get businesses named and then the winner gets paid. If you think you have what it takes to come up with good business names you could make some money here.



35. Get a roomate



If you have an extra room in your house you could always rent it out to a new roomate. This is nice passive income but could have it’s downfalls for sure.



36. Rent out your garage for storage

garage open


Space is still one of the most in-demand comodities so if you have a garage that you don’t use, you could rent it out monthly and make some easy passive income.



37. Become an online tutor



Websites like www.smartmathtutoring.com are always hiring qualified tutors. You can tutor kids from all over the world and you don’t even need to leave your home.



38. Dog Grooming

dog grooming


Dog grooming is another skill that is easily learned and people will happily bring their dog right to your doorstep if you’re good at it. Obviously you must be a dog person.


39. Hair Salon

Woman at the hair salon


If you’ve got the skills to cut and style hair but you want to avoid the overhead and hassles of a full salon, just set up a chair in your house. This can be a great extra revenue stream not to mention manicures and pedicures.


40. Come Up with Slogans

slogan slingers


Websites like Sloganslingers.com hold contests to come up with slogans for businesses. If you win the contest you get paid, simple as that.



41. Sports Select

sports select


Websites like Sportselect.com and Draftkings.com are set up so you can bet on sporting events. Sure it’s not the safest way to make a living but if you have a nack for predicting sports than you might be able to do really well at this.


42. Binary Options

my free money system


There are plenty of brokers online that will help you invest in binary options. These are short term investments that can pay big. The problem is that it’s usually just a guessing game. There are much safer ways to make money at home.


43. Exercise Classes

Multiracial group during aerobics class


If you have a big enough space in your house you could lead exercise classes. Start with friends and make a name for yourself. At $10 a head for each class you could make money for doing something you already do anyway.


44. Music Lessons

Boy in piano lessons

If you’re musically inclined you could make some decent money giving out lessons right from your own home.


45. Teaching Languages

Learn English teacher with chalk background


Even if you only speak english there are always plenty of people looking to learn english. If you speak any other languages that only broadens your market.



46. Dog Training

Woman training her dog


Most dog training can be done either indoors or in your backyard so if you’re good with dogs then this could be a fun way to make some extra money.


47. Bed & Breakfast



If you like catering to people and you have the space in your home, you can make a good living turning your home into a Bed and Breakfast.


48. Gardening

Veggie market


If you’ve got a green thumb and a garden at home then you could make some pretty good money by selling your fruits and veggies at the farmers market.



49. Call Centers

Portrait of happy smiling cheerful support phone operator in hea


There are plenty of call centers now that will allow you to work from your own home.



50. Sewing and Alterations

Sewing machine.


If you’ve got some sewing skills why not put an ad in the classifieds saying you can provide this service? You might be surprised how many people will call.


51. Do random tasks for people



Websites like Gigwalk.com hire people to complete easy tasks online or offline. Most of these tasks can be done from your home.



52. Online Assistant

Man using his tablet to contact a customer representative


More and more people are turning to virtual assistants to help keep their busy lives organized. This is a cheaper alternative to an in-person assistant.


53. Rent Out Your Car

businesswoman receiving keys of her new off-road car


This one might be better if it’s just to your friends or family but if you’ve got a car that you don’t use a lot it could be a good way to make extra money.



54. Receipt Hog 

receipt hog


Receipthog.com has created an app that pays you to take pictures of your grocery receipts. That’s literally all you have to do and it doesn’t matter where you buy your groceries.


55. Sell Your Clothes

thred up


Thredup.com is a website that you can send old clothes to and they will pay you for them. The clothes have to be in decent condition though.


56. Sell Your Cd’s, DVD’s and Video Games



Decluttr.com will buy your old Cd’s, DVD’s and Video games from you.



57. Child Care

Mother drawing together with her daughter


Whether you just babysit one child or turn part of your house into a full on daycare, there are plenty of parents in need of good child care.


58. Rent Out Your Driveway



If you’ve got a driveway or a private parking space in front of your house and you live in a busy or desirable location you might be able to rent out that space to someone who works near your house. This is very passive income.


59. Use your house as a movie set

set scouter


There are plenty of websites like Setscouter.com that you can list your house on and there is a chance they will use your house for a movie set and of course pay you for it. This would of course work best if you live in a place where a lot of movies are filmed.


60. Have a foreign exchange student live with you



There are actually plenty of exchange programs that will pay you to have a student board with you. This can be a great way to bring in extra money especially if you have a mature student.


61. Have A Special Needs Person Live With You

3D Golden Special Needs Symbol


There are plenty of special needs people who need a good home to live in. There are many of them who are self sufficient but they need someone to help them run errands like getting groceries or clothing. The government pays a good household to do this and it can be very rewarding for both parties.


62. Catering Meals



If you’re a good cook then you could start a small catering business out of your home. A lot of people don’t have time to prepare home cooked meals.



63. Image Consultant



Websites like KM Image Consulting do online image and style consulting. If you have a good fashion sense you could be a consultant for a company or start your own company.


64. Be A Translator


Websites like Gengo.com are always looking to hire translators. If you know another language you make money translating books or other written documents right from your home.



65. Answering Service

Portrait of happy smiling cheerful support phone operator in hea


Many businesses are now contracting out people to answer phones for them. This saves the company a lot of money. Anyone can do this right from your home as long as you have good communication skills.


66. Make Jewelry And Sell It Online



A lot of people make jewelry as a hobby. Why not turn that hobby into a business and sell your jewelry online? There are plenty of websites like Etsy.com that you can use for this.


67. Direct Marketing Sales

mary kay


There are plenty of direct marketing companies like Mary Kay or Avon where you can sell their products right from your home. There is actually pretty good money in this.

68. Software Developer



If you have the skills to develop software there are plenty of websites that have contract work so you can work whenever you want right from home.

69. Read X-Rays



If you’ve worked as an X-Ray technician than you could be in luck. There is a new trend right now where doctors offices are contracting this service out to private professionals.

This could be a nice way to semi-retire from your hospital job.


70. Do Peoples taxes


Most people either don’t have time or aren’t willing to do their own taxes. If you have a knack for this you could turn it into a nice little side business.

71. Be A Virtual Nurse



Nursing has always been a hands on business, that is changing. There’s a website called Fonemed.com that hires nurses to answer questions via phone or email so you can do it right from your home.



72. Virtual Professor

virtual professor


If you love being a professor but you’re tired of working in the classroom, you can now do it from home.

There are universities that hire virtual professors and it pays well depending on the institution.


73. Book Keeping

Book Keeping Puzzle with hand


If you have book keeping experience then there’s plenty of businesses who would be happy to hire a private book keeper. This can be much cheaper for companies and profitable for you.


74. Sell Your Hair

hair sell


With the growing popularity of wigs and hair weaves you can actually make money from selling your hair. Of course this isn’t a long term money maker but it could make you some quick cash.


75. Tap Into Your Life Insurance

Life Insurance Policy


This should only be a last resort or a desperate move but if you have a life insurance policy and you need money bad, you could always tap into it.

76. Raid Your Retirement Savings

Bag with retirement savings


Just like the last one, this should really be a last resort as well. If you need quick money and you have no other options, this is an option.


77. Buy And Sell Sports Event Tickets

Man Tries To Sell Tickets For SEC Championship Game


If you buy sports even ticket early in the season and then sell them close to the event you can make a pretty good profit.

There are plenty of websites like Stubhub that can broker the deals.


78. Rent Out Your Garden



If you have space in your backyard that you don’t use, there are probably people out there who would pay you to use it to grow vegetables.

Rent out the space to them and have a lovely garden view to boot.


79. Make Doggy Treats

dog treats


Making dog treats is really not that hard and nowadays people prefer homemade treats to the mass produced ones.

Most pet stores have a certain amount of space designated for homemade treats.


80. Auto Detailing

auto detailll


You can easily turn your garage into an auto detailing shop and you won’t need too much equipment to start.

People will bring their cars right to you so you can do it all from home.


81. Cake Making

wedding cake


If you have the ability to make beautiful cakes or other baking then you can do this right from home. Once you make a name for yourself people will come running.


82. Greeting Cards

greeting cards


Greeting cards can be a very profitable business and if you’ve got the talent, you can do really well at this.



83. Laundry Service

laundry service


Full service laundry can actually pay quite well. If you already have the equipment at home you might want to think about doing it for money.


84. Sell Your Email Contacts

email friends list


There are actually websites that will pay you for your email contacts lists. Yes this sounds weird but they use these email addresses for marketing purposes.

Of course your friends wouldn’t be too happy with you if you did this.


85. Personal Scrap Booking



So many people wish they had the time or ability to make a fantastic scrapbook for themselves.

Many of those people will pay someone else to do it for them. They bring you the pictures and items and you put it all together and make it look nice for a fee of course.


86. Sell lost Luggage



As well all know, airlines lose luggage all the time. But what you might not know is that a lot of the luggage that is unclaimed gets auctioned off.

So you can buy full suitcases for very cheap with the hopes that it has valuable items in it. Then of course you can sell those items online.


87. Ugly Modelling 

Creepy bald man


Thought only good looking people can make money modelling? Think again. There are modelling agencies that will pay for pictures of weird, scary or funny looking people.

Most of these can be taken on a personal camera and emailed to them for money.


88. Website Design

web design


If you have the ability to make websites looks nice, then you could make a lot of money from it right from your own home.

89. Investments



Sometimes the easiest way to make money is with money. Talk to a financial advisor and see if you can invest your money in a safe way. You could make a lot of money without leaving your home.


90. Buy & Sell Domains


Flippa.com is one of the best places to buy and sell domains. If you know what to look for you can buy domains cheap and sell them for huge profit.


91. Flip Websites



If you have the skills to build decent websites then you might be able to flip them. Better yet, if you have the ability to make a website profitable then sell it, you could get rich.

There’s a website called Wealthy Affiliate that teaches beginners how to build a website and make it profitable.


92. Teach SEO

google 2


If you can help people rank their websites high on Google, you could make a lot of money.

Believe it or not YOU can learn to teach this stuff from this training.


93. Manage Social Media Accounts

Social media concept


If you have a talent or interest in social media you could profit from it. There are plenty of businesses willing to pay people to be in charge of their social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter.


94. Design Logos

2015-10-08_14-42-0399 designs


You can find all sorts of freelance work designing logos for people online with websites like 99designs or freelance.com.


95. Be A YouTube Performer



If you’re funny or have a big personality you could become a YouTube Performer. This would mean starting your own channel and growing an audience. It can be profitable.

96. Sell Web Hosting



Websites like Godaddy and Hostgator will allow you to resell their hosting. This means you can present yourself as a website host but really you’re just selling it.

97. Forex Trading



Forex Currency trading can be very profitable if you know what you’re doing. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have some knowledge or an advisor who you trust. 


98. Build Apps

Smartphone with cloud of application icons

There are a lot of people who have made millions from making apps. You would first need a good idea but if you have that, then there is training for the rest of it.


99. Answer Questions

just answer


If you’re an expert on anything at all, you might be able to make money answering questions in your field on websites like justanswer.com.


100. Comment On Blogs

Blog concept in word tag cloud


Owners of blogs love it when they get comments on their posts. In fact some love it so much that they are willing to pay people to comment on them.

You could make money by just commenting on people’s blogs right from home.




So there’s the whole list. I’m impressed you made it throught the whole thing. As you can see there are a lot of different ways to make money online.

Thanks to the internet, “work at home” opportunities have sky rocketed. Even though there are lots of ideas, there are some that are just much better than others.

Out of these 100 ways to earn extra money you will most likely only find a few that sound appealing to you.

Although these 100 ways to make money at home are all pretty good, I think the best ones all involve having your own website. Once you have your own website there are so many different ways to monetize it.

Despite what people think, you don’t actually need any experience to make money from a website, you just need the right training. To find out more about making money on the internet just click the link below.


Click Here to Learn To Make Money From A Website


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100 Ways To Make Money At Home – A Jaw-Dropping List
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