1 Hour Survey Scam – The Review That Will Save YOU

Name: 1 Hour Survey1 hour survey

Website: www.1hrsurvey.com

Owner: 1 Hr Survey Inc

Price: $49.99

Overall Rank: 0 out of 100



Survey sites have been around for a long time, in fact some of the companies have been conducting surveys even before the internet was around. The 1 hour survey scam is one to watch out for because it’s not what it seems and I’ll tell you why.

The basic idea behind them is that companies pay them to ask the public qiestions about randoms products or topics so that the companies can better understand their markets and cater to them specifically.

So these survey companies get paid by the companies and then in thoery they share the profits with the people who actually take the surveys.


1 Hour Survey

This survey site raised some red flags right away when I saw that they’re actually charging people to join them. This is different because most survey sites are completely free to join. Since the big companies are already paying them to conduct surveys they shouldn’t be trying to make additional money from the public.

I wondered how they can get away with this and who would actually pay to join a survey company until I saw the claims. They are claiming that you will make $100 per survey and you will be able to complete 10 surveys per day.

That’s a lot of money for something that involves zero skills. I’m sure most people would quit their jobs if they could make $1000 per day from home just by answering a few questions. But this is another huge red flag for me.

Any “make money online” program that gives huge claims of earnings like this is usually a scam. Well actually, always a scam.

passion in life

The fact of the matter is that there is no way anyone can make $1000 per day online unless they are very experienced and well trained. If anyone tells you otherwise, run because they are trying to scam you.


1 hour survey 2


The website is quite proffessional and very well put together. Asside from the huge claims and the fee to join, they seem pretty legit.

I always like to analize every little detail of the sites that I review in order to get the most accurate depiction of them for my readers, this review is no different.

I read a few of their testimonials and watched the videos. The people are very excited about 1 hour survey and they confirm all of the huge money claims that have been promised. This made me dig a little deeper.

What some people might not know is that it’s actually really easy to get testimonial videos. On websites like Fiverr.com you can pay people to give a video testimonial of anything you want for as little as $5.

So I went to fiverr and searched through the hoards of people who say they are willing to do these testimonial. Low and behold, I found one of the guys who is on the 1 Hour Survey website.


testim 2


testim 1


I’m about 99% that’s the same guy. He’s an actor. This proves that the testimonials are fake and really discredits the entire program if you ask me.


1 Hour Survey Promotions

They are also offering extra promotions for anyone looking to make even more money. They say that if you sign up for any of these extra promotions you will gain access to the surveys worth $200 each. So of course I had to check out these “promotions” to see what they’re all about.

Track-It Device – It’s very unclear what this program actually is but it does tell us that it’s $29. It makes people want to pay for it simply because by doing so, you’ll get to take the big ticket $200 surveys.

The funny part is that this has an affiliate link attached to the 1 Hour Survey which shows us how they really make money.

Muscle Rev-X For Men – This one claims to be a free product you can get and all you have to do is pay the shipping and handling. Not suprosing that it also has an affiliate link and I wouldn’t be surprosed if you never get anything in the mail at all.

Reverse Phone Lookup – This is some weird program where you can see other people’s text messages and also find out info on someone by putting in their phone number. It’s free so I’m pretty sure this is just a way to capture email addresses and sell them off to other companies.


So now we see what this website is really all about……

  • they make money when you pay the $49 sign up
  • they make money when you purchase the promo products
  • they make money for conducting surveys
  • they make money when they sell your email addresses to marketing companies

So they make a lot of money and nobody else does. Well at least not that I’ve heard. I’ve only completed 4 surveys with them just for research purposes but I haven’t made a dime yet.

I’ve also read countless reviews online and they are all pretty much the same broken record: Took the surveys and didn’t get paid.

Conclusion: Total Scam



Are Any Paid Surveys Good?

There are a lot of survey companies out there giving the whole industry a bad name. There actually are some ok ones out there that do pay people and people keep coming back.

With that being said, no survey company will pay you enough to actually make a living from. It’s only a little extra spending money and for the time you have to put in it’s usually far under minimum wage.

The best survey company I’ve encountered is Swagbucks and it’s a little more than just a survey company so they offer a few other ways to make money. You can get gift cards, cash or prizes but again, it’s not a lot.

If you want to make a few extra bucks then sure, survey companies might not be a bad way to go. You should first check out my other survey reviews to make sure you don’t get scammed.

But if you want to make real money you should look elsewhere. I would recommend learning affiliate marketing if you’re interested in making a good amount of money online.

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The reasons I recommend affiliate marketing are numerous but here are the key reasons……

  • anyone can learn quickly with the right training
  • its sustainable income
  • the sky is the limit for income
  • it’s recession proof
  • you can do it from home
  • very cheap to get started


Thanks very much for stopping by today and I hope you read this review before you signed up for the 1 Hour Survey scam and not after. The internet is full of scams and I’ve made it my mission to prevent people from losing money to them.



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